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Two hooded jackets, one blue and one black, on a light blue background. The jackets have zippers, logos, cinched waists, and elastic cuffs. They are made of waterproof or windproof material.

Introducing the Bonatti Range of Jackets

Discover Salomon’s Bonatti Range jackets: Stay stylish while running year-round with waterproof, breathable designs.

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The Bonatti range of jackets - ultimate jackets for any weather

Running outdoors can be challenging and rewarding, but it also requires the right gear. That’s why Salomon has created the Bonatti range of jackets, designed to keep runners comfortable and dry in any situation. These jackets are windproof, waterproof, and breathable, thanks to the AdvancedSkin Dry technology and Pertex Shield fabric. They are also lightweight, ergonomic, and minimalist, with reflective details, zippered pockets, and adjustable hoods, cuffs, and hems.

A blue rain jacket with a hood, a zipper, two zippered pockets, and a Salomon logo on the right arm. The jacket is waterproof and shown from the front on a white background.Source: Salomon

Choose your jacket according to your needs

The Bonatti range consists of three types of jackets: the Bonatti Waterproof, the Bonatti Aero Wind, and the Bonatti Cross Wind. Each jacket has its own unique characteristics and advantages, but they all share the same high quality and performance. The Bonatti Waterproof is the most versatile and protective jacket in the range, ideal for running in rainy or stormy weather. The Bonatti Aero Wind is the most lightweight and breathable jacket in the range, perfect for running in mild or warm weather. The Bonatti Cross Wind is the most innovative and adaptable jacket in the range, suitable for running in variable or changing weather.

To learn more about the Bonatti range of jackets, visit the Salmon website. You can also shop the men’s collection and women’s collection online or find a store near you. Don’t let the weather stop you from enjoying your outdoor adventures!

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