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A group of LEGO figurines gathered in front of the LEGO Jazz Club

The LEGO Jazz Club: It’s Show Time!

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Discover a melodic addition to the LEGO® Modular Buildings Collection with the brand-new LEGO Jazz Club, which is full of vibrant musicians, singers, and patrons.


Get tickets to the most popular performance in town at the LEGO Jazz Club

This newest LEGO modular building boasts a modern construction method with a 45-degree entryway.
Marvel at the exquisitely designed inside and exterior of this classic architecture.

A schematic view of the LEGO jazz club, showing the various rooms and furniture layout.Source: LEGO

The Jazz Club comes complete with:
Jazz trio
Bassists, drummers, and jazz singers are examples of musicians.

Rooftop terrace
Grow food in the greenhouse for the club’s kitchen.

Pizza parlor after the show
After the show, get a dinner from the sidewalk café.

In this latest release from the LEGO® Modular Buildings Collection, explore funny tales and vibrant characters. Classical architecture served as the foundation, and jazz era swing music provided the energy. It’s a mash-up of passionate performers, chefs, and guests with 8 minifigures.

Experience a mindfully musical building to unwind and recharge!

A group of LEGO figurines gathered in front of the LEGO Jazz ClubSource: LEGO


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