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Family Halloween Costumes By Tipsy Elves

Family Costumes for Halloween? Tipsy Elves for the Win!

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With only a few weeks left until Halloween, it is time to get your family costumes ready, and let the festivities begin!


You ever take your kids out trick-or-treating and see a group of people in themed costumes? For instance, The Ghostbusters, The Avengers, or the 1985 Superbowl Champs Chicago Bears? You may witness these people decked out in family costumes for Halloween and think: Dang, they got their act together, maybe we will do that next year! And you shuffle off to the next door to send your kids up to panhandle for more peanut butter cups (for you). Well, if that was you last year, then you are running out of time this year to get your act together and rock out as a family on Halloween!

Tipsy Elves has a whole slew of fun, family-appropriate, costumes. Not gonna lie, I am a huge fan of the Llama Family-themed costume set.

A photo of a group of people wearing animal onesies. The group consists of two adults and two children. The adult on the left is wearing a cow onesie, the adult on the right is wearing a chicken onesie, the child on the left is wearing a sheep onesie, and the child on the right is wearing a pig onesie. Source: Tipsy Elves

House Hunk confession: Sometimes I can be a tad too judgemental when it comes to grown-ups acting less than their age on Halloween. But that mainly stems from witnessing some weird behavior: visibly drunk parents chaperoning a group of trick-or-treaters, parents trick-or-treating (like, actually doing it, not just stealing from their kid’s bag), parents in better costumes than their children (hello, main character syndrome).

Do you have to dress like an animal for Halloween with your family? No. But you GET TO! If livestock is not your thing, perhaps rock the fighter pilot costumes, or dress up as a group of pineapples. Yes, pineapples!

Family Matching Llama Halloween Costumes Source: Tipsy Elves
This Llama Costume set is pretty epic!
Lobster Family Matching Halloween Costumes Source: Tipsy Elves

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