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Halloween Crafts Ideas

Fun Halloween Crafts for Kids and Adults

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Spooky spiders? Gross gremlins? It’s time for some creative Halloween crafts that you can make with your kids!


Whether you like cute and cuddly, or gross and ghastly, there are some very creative Halloween decoration and craft ideas for you. All of the following craft suggestions are easy to make and very affordable. Many can be created with basic household supplies. Get your ghoul on and start creating! Happy Halloween.

Repurpose your terra cotta flower pots and create these cool Halloween candy jars. They come out looking really cool, like vintage countertop gumball machines! Only this time you don’t need any spare change to operate them. Winner!

Take the kiddos outside so they can collect some pine cones and make some Halloween crafts! Once they have a few, you are ready to make these fun Pine Cone Spiders!

Make your way to your local crafts store and grab yourself some mini terra cotta pots and a few other supplies. These Miniature Halloween Flower Pots are great for little servings of candy, or just to have around for decoration.

Not great at carving jack-o-lanterns? No worries, there is still hope for the rest of us! Grab some stray crayons and get ready to make some pretty epic decorated pumpkins. These Melted Crayon Pumpkins are very cool, and no two are alike.

Set aside 20 minutes and some coffee filters, and get ready for your kids to turn the place into a bat cave. Coffee Filter Bats are simple to make, and an affordable Halloween decoration.

Got some disgusting, lifelike animal figures laying around? Snakes, worms, spiders, and anything else you wouldn’t want to have crawling over your face? Try these Glow In The Dark Halloween Specimen Jars.

Similar to the painted Halloween rocks below, these Easy Painted Pumpkins have a ton of potential and are so easy to make. You could go with monsters…or…paint them all like the band members from Kiss! Just sayin’.

I have a secret obsession with painted rocks. The concept is so basic, but the amount of outcomes is only limited by your creativity. Paint these Halloween rocks and leave them around the neighborhood for a festive spot of color

These Floating Witch Hat Luminaries are creative, and kind of eery when slightly blowing in the wind!

I must admit, when done right, like Oh So Savvy Mom did, these Halloween Village Luminaries are quite pretty. Thanks to spray paint, these luminaries require minimal effort, but maximum return.

Looking for a fun craft for Halloween? Why not create a felt zombie apocalypse? I also like Little Yellow Wheelbarrow’s idea of Zombie gnomes for Christmas. I can support that idea!

These easy, no-sew, yarn pumpkins are fun craft ideas for kids, and the result is rather impressive. I was pretty bad at sewing in my Home Economics class as a kid, so I am all about these little yarn pumpkins!

Want a fun Halloween craft idea that is also eco-conscious? Get a look at these haunted luminaries that you can make out of recycled cardboard boxes. You can go all out and make a whole haunted Halloween village if you want!

Paper spiderwebs are super easy to make. Same idea as paper snowflakes only spookier. Get some construction paper and scissors and have at it.

When your friends find out that you made these pumpkins yourself and didn’t find them in a store, they are going to think you are a crafting guru. These are simple to make and look pretty dang fancy.

Similar to making those handprint turkeys from our childhood, the Halloween version is a fun, easy, and affordable craft you can make with the kiddos!

Halloween Crafts

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