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A collage of three Halloween-themed images: a carved pumpkin with cobwebs and skulls, a haunted house with a black cat and bats, and a framed picture of a pumpkin with candles.

18 DIY Halloween Decorations That Will Spook Up Your Home

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Looking for some DIY Halloween crafts to decorate your home? Check out these 18 easy and spooky Halloween decorations that will make your house the scariest on the block!

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Creepy and Creative Halloween DECOR

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and what better way to celebrate it than to display some spine-chilling decorations? There’s something so satisfying about creating something with your own hands, especially when it’s creepy and fun! That’s why I’ve rounded up these 18 DIY Halloween crafts that you can do yourself with some simple materials and tools. Whether you want to make a giant tentacle monster, a zombie doll, or a spooky crystal ball, there’s a craft for everyone on this list. So, grab your scissors, glue, paint, and imagination, and let’s get crafting!

Transform your garage door into a spooky scene with this easy DIY project. You’ll need a black poster board, scissors, tape, and a projector. Cut out the shapes of your favorite Halloween characters and stick them on the door. Turn on the projector at night and watch your garage come alive!

Add some horror to your garden with these creepy zombie hands. All you need are some rubber gloves, soil, and fake blood. Fill the gloves with soil and shape them into hands. Cut off the fingers and bury them in the ground. Sprinkle some fake blood on top and enjoy the screams of your visitors!
Make your own skeleton dish to hold your Halloween treats. You’ll need a plastic skeleton, a glass plate, a glue gun, and some spray paint. Cut off the skeleton’s head and glue it to the center of the plate. Spray paint the whole thing in your desired color and let it dry. Fill it with candy or other goodies and serve!
Create a giant tentacle monster that will scare everyone who passes by your house. You’ll need some PVC pipes, pool noodles, duct tape, spray foam, and paint. Cut and bend the pipes to form the tentacle frames. Cover them with pool noodles and duct tape. Spray foam over the noodles and carve out the suckers. Paint the tentacles in any color you like and display them on your lawn or roof.
Build a hanging cage prop that will make your guests feel trapped. You’ll need some chicken wire, wire cutters, pliers, zip ties, and a plastic skeleton. Cut and shape the chicken wire into a cage and secure it with zip ties. Hang it from a tree or a hook with some rope or chain. Put the skeleton inside and add some cobwebs or lights for extra effect.
Make a spooky face appear in your mirror with this simple trick. You’ll need a picture frame, a mirror, a printed image of a scary face, and some LED lights. Remove the glass from the frame and replace it with the mirror. Cut out the eyes of the image and tape it to the back of the mirror. Attach some LED lights behind the eyes and hide the wires. Hang the frame on the wall and turn on the lights when you want to scare someone.
Craft a reaper stone that will look like an ancient tombstone in your yard. You’ll need some styrofoam, a knife, a heat gun, some paint, and some moss. Cut out a rectangular piece of styrofoam and carve out some cracks and letters. Use the heat gun to melt and texture the surface. Paint it with gray and black paint to make it look old and weathered. Glue some moss on it for a realistic touch.
Turn a dollar store hand into a mummy hand with this cheap and easy craft. You’ll need a plastic hand, some gauze, some glue, and some tea bags. Wrap the hand with gauze and glue it in place. Soak some tea bags in water and dab them on the gauze to give it an aged look. Display it on a tray or a jar for a creepy decoration.
Decorate your dining room for Halloween with these spooky ideas. You’ll need some cheesecloth, candles, skulls, spiders, crows, and other props. Drape some cheesecloth over your furniture and windows to create a ghostly effect. Arrange some candles, skulls, spiders, crows, and other props on your table and shelves to create a haunted scene. Add some dim lighting and eerie music for extra ambiance.
Make your own creepy eyeball flower arrangement that will freak out your guests. You’ll need some fake flowers, some ping pong balls, some markers, some floral foam, and a vase. Draw some pupils and veins on the ping pong balls to make them look like eyeballs. Cut off the stems of the flowers and stick them into the floral foam. Insert the eyeballs between the flowers and place them in the vase.
Create an outdoor Halloween display that will impress your neighbors. You’ll need some pumpkins, corn stalks, hay bales, scarecrows, lanterns, and signs. Arrange some pumpkins of different sizes and shapes on your porch or lawn. Tie some corn stalks together and lean them against your house or fence. Stack some hay bales and place some scarecrows on top. Add some lanterns and signs for some light and humor.
Turn your old dolls into zombie dolls with this fun and easy craft. You’ll need some dolls, some scissors, some paint, some glue, and some fake blood. Cut off the hair and limbs of the dolls and glue them back in different places. Paint the dolls with green, gray, or white paint to make them look undead. Add some fake blood and dirt to make them look gory.
Make your own spooky crystal ball Halloween candlesticks that will add some magic to your decor. You’ll need some glass candlesticks, some clear glass ornaments, some black paint, some glue, and some images of spooky scenes. Paint the candlesticks with black paint and let them dry. Glue the ornaments to the top of the candlesticks. Cut out the images of spooky scenes and insert them inside the ornaments. Light up some candles and enjoy the eerie glow.
Weave your own Halloween spiderweb that will look great on your wall or door. You’ll need some yarn, a hoop, a crochet hook, and a plastic spider. Wrap the yarn around the hoop to create a base. Crochet a spiral pattern on the hoop to create the web. Attach the spider to the web with some glue or thread. Hang the web on your wall or door with some ribbon or string.
Make a life-size spider victim that will terrify your visitors. You’ll need a mannequin or a dummy, some plastic wrap, some duct tape, and a giant spider prop. Wrap the mannequin or dummy with plastic wrap and duct tape to create a cocoon. Cut out a hole for the face and add some fake blood or makeup. Place the spider prop on top of the cocoon and hang it from a tree or a ceiling.
Celebrate Halloween with these creative and festive ideas. You’ll need some pumpkins, candles, paper, scissors, glue, and other craft supplies. Carve or paint some pumpkins with different designs and expressions. Make some paper lanterns or garlands with Halloween shapes and colors. Decorate your house with candles, cobwebs, skulls, bats, and other spooky props. Have fun with costumes, games, treats, and tricks!
Learn how to alter old books into Halloween books with this tutorial. You’ll need some old books, some craft paper, some mod podge, some paint, and some stamps or stickers. Cover the books with craft paper and mod podge to create a new cover. Paint the edges of the pages with black or brown paint to give them an aged look. Add some stamps or stickers with Halloween words or images to decorate the cover.
Create a life-size Halloween ghost that will haunt your yard or porch. You’ll need a tomato cage, a foam head, a white sheet, some wire, and some fishing line. Turn the tomato cage upside down and attach the foam head to the top with wire. Drape the sheet over the cage and head to create the ghost shape. Cut out two holes for the eyes and draw or glue on some pupils. Hang the ghost from a tree or a hook with fishing line.
A collage of three Halloween-themed images: a carved pumpkin with cobwebs and skulls, a haunted house with a black cat and bats, and a framed picture of a pumpkin with candles.

Scary Halloween Decorations

Looking for some DIY Halloween crafts to decorate your home? Check out these 18 easy and spooky projects that will make your house the scariest on the block!
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