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21 Delicious Taco Recipes Everyone Will Love

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Whether you are celebrating October as National Taco Month, or just looking for inspiration for Taco Tuesday, these taco recipes are winners.


Did you know that October is officially National Taco Month? Of course, you did, because you are well rounded, classy person. The type of person that celebrates National Taco Month. The type of person that I would get along with. These taco recipes range from the traditional to the innovative, and none of them fall below the level of amazing.


These Instant Pot Chicken Carnitas are easy to make and taste amazing. This large batch is a meal prep must!

plate of pork carnitas and tortillas

Instant Pot Pork Carnitas is the perfect way to celebrate Taco Tuesday. Savory, shredded pork tacos, topped with fresh cilantro!

Have you ever had a lobster roll? Or more accurately, a LOBSTAH roll? Growing up in New England had some perks, one of them being an abundance of lobster rolls, every seller claiming theirs was the best. Had they been in taco form, like these from Daily Dish Recipes, I would have surely agreed with them.

Hawaii isn’t the first place I think of when I am daydreaming about tacos. But, after knocking down some of these Shrimp Tacos with Mango Salsa, I started to think about luaus and beach bonfires. Go figure. In this case, tacos were the cause, and the mini vaycay it provided was the effect. Thank you for the journey Hawaii Travel with Kids!

Preparing this Baked Taco Recipe is probably one of the easier things you will do today. Bake the shells, sautee the meat with some spices, and mix in the rest of the ingredients. Load up the shells, throw them back in the oven, and BLAMMO, you are on your way to the table with some wonderful tacos!

Whether you load up your Baja Fish Tacos with citrus slaw or not, Lemon Tree Dwelling has made the recipe insanely delicious, and easy to prepare. I am not always a “slaw guy”, but I am always Baja Fish Taco with chipotle mayo guy.

The homemade avocado crema recipe is an added bonus from Girl With The Iron Cast. It’s amazing, and perfect for the shrimp tacos. Not too overpowering where you don’t taste the shrimp, it’s a great sauce. Perfect for this batch, and most other taco recipes!

Thank you Wonky Wonderful! You are a lifesaver. The Beef Meximelt was one of my favorite items on the Taco Bell menu, and I think they are jerks for taking it off the menu. And I will keep this statement up here as long as they keep the Meximelt off their menu! So, instead of “making a run for the border”, give Wonky Wonderful a visit and get to cooking!

The Kitchen Girl nails it perfectly with these street-sized grilled chicken tacos with peach or mango salsa (in my case, peach, yum)! This is one that could be on a spa restaurant menu in Arizona. Dang, they are good.

These Asian-inspired tacos are some of my faves. The depth of flavors is unreal. You can make them in the crockpot, so your hands-on time is minimal compared to the flavors you get in return. Luckily this recipe makes enough for a dozen tacos, that way you only need to double it to get your House Hunk recommended 24 Tacos.

These Sheet Pan Tacos are like a cross between a tasty taco, and a tasty quesadilla dressed up as a tasty taco. I love them. I also love that since they are a sheet pan meal, my kids think I am some sort of culinary wizard when I pull them out of the oven. I’m referring to the tacos, the kids don’t go in the oven.

Have you ever had Bang Bang Shrimp from The Bonefish Grill? It is crazy good. But, you have to drive there, wait for a table, and order them. And the serving size is really only enough to get you started. Bummer, right? Well, put Natasha’s Kitchen on your holiday card list! Because you get to learn how to make Bang Bang Shrimp, and you get to learn how to make tacos. And you only need to read one recipe. Like killing two bonefish with one stone! (Dad joke alert).

Plain fish tacos are great, but sometimes, we need to offer our taste buds some variety and sophistication. These Chile Lime Salmon Tacos are the variety and sophistication that I am referring to. They are zesty, savory, and not plain in the slightest.

These sweet potato tacos are rich in flavor and so filling. You would almost be surprised to learn that you are loading up on fiber-rich veggies that your bodies need. I say “almost surprised” because y’all are smart chaps! Smart enough to make some Sweet Potato Tacos! Hella smart.

Tinga is traditionally made with chicken. But every now and then we owe it to our bodies to eat our vegetables. But I don’t have to sit there and crunch on some carrots, do we? Nope, I don’t. I do however get to sit there and enjoy some Cauliflower Tinga Tacos that are just as good as traditional chicken tinga! Hell yeah, I do!

If you have been on Instagram recently, then chances are you have seen some #foodporn reels of street tacos being dipped into what almost looks like pasta sauce. That is Birria Consome. A deeply flavorful sauce that hails from Mexico. Make some extra, for future unplanned dippings. Trust me, and put your culinary faith in House of Yumm.

If you have ground turkey and 15 minutes, then in a quarter of an hour, you will have some amazing Ground Turkey Tacos. The 15 minutes will be gone, and soon, so will the ground turkey. But it was time and turkey well spent!

Just because this Vegan Carnitas recipe uses mushrooms, don’t go thinking that they are going to be slimy like a lot of mushroom recipes. These have the flavors, even the slight crispiness of traditional tacos made with meat.

These vegan tacos are epic. They are loaded with flavor, and very satisfying. The pineapple chili sauce is so good, it’s got me thinking about what else I can use to soak some of it up with! Yum!

Dessert taco recipes, ahoy! Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt had me at “creamy pipeable cheesecake filling”. It was at that point I knew I was in good hands, or in this case, mitts. (See what I did there?)

Last, and definitely not least, it’s time to learn how to make the Choco Taco, just smaller. This way, when I eat half a dozen, I can just tell myself that I only had 3 regular-sized desserts, and stare nervously at my FitBit. But it’s all good because these Mini Homemade Choco Tacos are more than all good!!!

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