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Sangria Recipes

22 Sangria Recipes to Make for Epic Sipping

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Sangria is a delightful addition to any gathering, including parties, backyard barbecues, and holiday events. Enjoy the best sangria recipes!


As a twenty-something, semi-adult, I had stumbled across a recipe for sangria that called for a secret ingredient: half a bottle of Bombay Saphire Gin. The resulting beverage tasted amazing, but I must admit, it was some high-octane juice! Sangria is often sipped on during the daytime, and should be enjoyed! It shouldn’t knock you out for the rest of the day. These recipes for sangria come in all stripes. There are recipes for white wine sangria, red wine sangria, winter sangria, and even an Olive Garden copycat sangria recipe. You will notice that none of these recipes include an evil amount of gin…and perhaps that is a good thing.

Break out the paella pan, turn on some Spanish jazz, and sip on some of these delicious sangrias!

Fresh strawberries and juicy mangos are combined with rosé, passionfruit agua fresca,  sparkling cava, coconut nectar, and Tito’s Vodka in this sangria.

You can create a stunning cocktail using this easy fall sangria recipe, which combines all the mouthwatering fruit tastes of the season.

This tasty Fall Sangria is made with bourbon, apple cider, and tons of apples, pears, and plums.

This recipe for red wine sangria is extremely fantastic! The best recipe for large-scale party punch!
The flavors of fall are bursting from this Cranberry Sangria! With undertones of citrus and spices, this cocktail is ideal for the upcoming holidays!

Simple sangria recipes are elevated by Summer Berry Sangria! The ultimate summer beverage is made of sweet white wine and fruits in season.

With only 5 ingredients, this delightful Strawberry Mango Sangria is the ideal patio beverage for hot summer nights.
A cool summer cocktail is easy tropical pina colada sangria, which only requires 5 ingredients! This robust sangria drink can accommodate a large group. To transform this adult beverage into something you’d be given at an oceanfront resort, add fresh garnishes!

Your preferred red wine, a dash of orange liqueur, tiny pieces of fresh fruit, and bubbles are all used to make Sparkling Red Sangria.

This eerie blackberry Halloween Sangria recipe is wonderful and has a ghost garnish that is ideal for Halloween. It is made with red wine.

This fruit-filled White Sangria comes together quickly and is crisp and delightful.
An effortless summer beverage to create, this Peach Rosé Sangria is great for entertaining or enjoying on the patio on a hot day.
Easy to make, tasty, light, and refreshing Caramel Apple Sangria! This recipe for fall sangria is always a hit!

Peach Mango Sangria: This refreshing summer beverage is a white wine sangria blended with nectar, fresh peaches, and mangoes.

If you make this distinct “copycat” recipe, you’ll think you’re drinking Olive Garden sangria. You should make a shopping list and prepare ahead of time for this Sangria recipe because it requires several things you might not have thought of and it needs to set for 4 hours or overnight to be properly “cured.”

With red wine, apple cider, and boubon, this simple fall sangria recipe puts a festive spin on the traditional cocktail! Serve hot or iced, as desired.

An ideal white sangria recipe for a summer patio parties, or a holiday gathering is citrus sangria. You’ll appreciate how simple this sangria is to make!

Spanish red wine, fresh fruit, and brandy are combined to create the sweet beverage known as sangria. A simple summer recipe, it’s simple and delightful!

With this simple copycat recipe, you can make Green Apple Moscato Sangria from Olive Garden at home. Just 3 items are required.

Enjoy this recipe for delightful Strawberry White Sangria with a group. A refreshing summer sangria is made with fresh fruit, lemonade, and white wine.

Fresh strawberries, peaches, citrus, orange liqueur, and mint flavor this simple Moscato Sangria recipe. An idea for a cool summer cocktail!

A fantastic party drink for holiday get-togethers is Winter Moscato Punch. This sangria is simple to prepare in advance and only requires a few ingredients.
Sangria Recipes

22 Sangria Recipes to Make for Epic Sipping

Sangria is a delightful addition to any gathering, including parties, backyard barbecues, and holiday events. Enjoy the best sangria recipes!
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The Best Sangria Recipes

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