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Easy Asian Chicken Recipes

Takeout-Style Asian Chicken Recipes You Can Make at Home

These easy takeout-style Asian chicken recipes are delicious! Enjoy all your favorite dishes right at home!

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Are you craving some delicious takeout-style Asian chicken, but don’t want to spend the money? Fear not, because I’m here to show you how you can make amazing Asian chicken recipes at home! From classic dishes like General Tso’s chicken to more inventive creations like sweet and sour chicken wontons, I’ve got a variety of recipes that will satisfy your craving without breaking the bank. So break out the wok and let’s get cooking!

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Get ready for a flavor adventure with General Tso’s Chicken! This dish is sticky, crunchy, and absolutely irresistible. The whole family will love this easy-to-make fried chicken recipe that’s perfect for a tasty weeknight dinner.
Kung Pao Chicken is the ultimate Chinese dish! This addictive and delicious chicken stir-fry with vegetables and peanuts in a spicy sauce will take your taste buds on a wild ride.
Forget about take-out! Make your own Chinese Orange Chicken at home and enjoy crispy fried chicken with a sweet and tangy orange sauce. It’s the perfect recipe for anyone who loves sweet and savory flavors.
Fire up the grill for some Teriyaki Chicken Skewers! This deliciously marinated chicken is grilled to perfection and basted with a mouthwatering teriyaki sauce.
Looking for a fast, flavorful dinner idea? Try Thai Basil Chicken! Made with ground chicken (or turkey), this dish is ready in under 30 minutes and packed with delicious spices and fresh basil.
Korean Fried Chicken is the perfect balance of crunchy on the outside and sticky on the inside, coated in a homemade sweet chili sauce. Skip the takeout and make it yourself for an addictive and satisfying meal.
Craving some sweet and sour goodness? This quick and easy chicken recipe is way better than takeout and can be made in just 15 minutes. It’s perfect for a busy weeknight dinner!
Get ready for some super crispy goodness with Crispy Sesame Chicken! This easy recipe features a delicious sesame sauce and a perfectly crispy batter. Skip the takeout and make it at home in just 30 minutes.
Looking for a delicious Indian recipe? Look no further than Indian Butter Chicken! This popular dish features tender chicken thighs in a creamy, buttery tomato-based sauce that’s bursting with flavor.
Treat your taste buds to the classic Japanese dish of Chicken Katsu! This crispy deep-fried chicken is topped with tonkatsu sauce and is a hit with the whole family.
Impress your friends and family with an iconic Singaporean dish – Hainanese chicken rice! This easy one-pot recipe is made in a rice cooker and served with garlic-ginger chili sauce and soy sauce for an explosion of flavor.
Make your own Japanese street food at home with this easy recipe! These Japanese takoyaki balls are crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside, and perfect for a fun family meal.
Looking for a flavorful and easy meal? Try Grilled Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken Bowl! This simple recipe is packed with flavor and perfect for busy days.
In the mood for some Thai Green Curry? This creamy, fragrant, and juicy chicken and vegetable curry is ready in just over 30 minutes and made with pantry-friendly ingredients.
Looking to spice up your dinner rotation? Try Dakdoritang, a spicy and savory Korean chicken stew made with tender chicken, potatoes, and carrots in a chili sauce. Served over rice, this dish is incredibly comforting and easy to make.
Get ready for big flavors with Thai Cashew Chicken! This popular stir-fry dish is bursting with flavor and features cashews cooked with chicken in a bold Thai sauce. It’s quick and easy to make and sure to impress.
Indonesian Fried Chicken (Ayam Goreng) is a favorite in many homes, and it’s easy to see why! The skin is crispy, the meat is flavorful, and it’s perfect for a tasty weeknight dinner.
Enjoy the succulent and crispy goodness of Japanese Fried Chicken! This ultra-firm chicken is succulent on the inside and easy to make at home.
Let’s spice up your weeknight with this Thai Red Curry! It’s got everything you need for a delicious meal – spicy, savory, and coconut-based curry with tender chicken and veggies. Pair it with some fluffy Jasmine rice and you’re in for a treat!
Get ready for a flavor explosion with this Korean chicken bulgogi! It’s so easy to make – grill it, bake it, or cook it on the stove-top – and bursting with deliciousness. Serve it up with a refreshing cucumber and carrot salad or wrap it in lettuce leaves. You won’t believe how tasty it is!
Take your taste buds on a journey with this Chinese-style chicken and broccoli stir fry! Juicy chicken, crisp broccoli, and a rich brown sauce – just like you’d get at a restaurant. It’s an easy recipe that’s sure to impress.
Impress your guests with these marinated Thai chicken satay skewers! They’re tender, juicy, and have a lightly charred finish that’s out of this world. Top it off with a spicy peanut sauce and you’ve got a perfect party appetizer.
Pho Ga Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup is an absolute staple that never disappoints. Sure, it might seem like there are a few extra steps involved, but trust me, it’s worth it!
The Best Thai Panang Chicken Curry Recipe is one for the books. We’re talking authentic, mouth-watering, and full of flavor that will leave you wanting more.
Korean Chicken Skewers are the perfect combination of sweet and spicy, and they’re so easy to make! Grill ’em up, bake ’em, or cook ’em on the stove-top – however you choose, they’ll still be amazing.
Learn the secrets to the best Chinese chicken fried rice recipe! It’s quick, easy, and oh so delicious. You won’t be able to resist going back for seconds (or thirds)!
Infuse some homemade Japanese 7 Spice into your teriyaki sauce and you’ll never look back. This healthy teriyaki chicken bowl with edamame will have you feeling like a pro in the kitchen.
Get ready to indulge in a creamy and dreamy Thai Massaman curry with many Indian spice undertones. Made with tender chicken and sweet potatoes, this gluten-free and dairy-free dish is a total game-changer.
Dakgangjeong is crispy, sweet, tangy, and spicy all in one bite. This Korean fried chicken dish is super addictive and easy to make at home!
These easy Asian-Style Chicken Lettuce Wraps are bursting with flavor and perfect for a simple dinner recipe or an appetizer for a party. Trust me, your guests will be asking for the recipe!
Cooking Malaysian Chicken Curry using Instant pot is a total game-changer. This delicious chicken curry is so much easier and faster, thanks to the spices and premixed curry powder.
Roasted Chicken Banh Mi Sandwiches are a Vietnamese classic made easy with rotisserie chicken. Pickled carrots, cilantro, and crunchy baguette will have your taste buds singing with delight.
Thai Pineapple Fried Rice with Chicken and Shrimp is a tropical feast that’s sure to impress your guests. Serve it in the pineapple shell for an extra wow factor that’ll have everyone talking.
Korean Chicken and Kimchi Fried Rice Bowls are the perfect fusion of spice and flavor. Say goodbye to takeout and hello to this delicious homemade version!
Opor Ayam is a delicious and aromatic Indonesian chicken stew that might surprise you – it’s actually not a spicy dish at all! You’ll love the fragrant flavors and tender chicken in this comforting dish.
Yakisoba is a classic Japanese noodle dish that’s quick and easy to make in one pan. The salty, sweet, and sour sauce is the perfect accompaniment to the tender chicken and noodles. It’s always a crowd-pleaser!
Get ready to satisfy your cravings with this authentic Thai cashew chicken stir fry recipe! It’s packed full of vegetables and tender chicken with a sweet and savory sauce that’s simply irresistible. Serve it over fluffy white rice for the ultimate comfort food experience.
Easy Asian Chicken Recipes

Takeout-Style Asian Chicken Recipes You Can Make At Home

These easy takeout-style Asian chicken recipes are delicious! Enjoy all your favorite dishes right at home!
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The Best Asian Chicken Recipes

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