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Sandwich Cookie Recipes

38 Sandwich Cookie Recipes for Blissful Snacking

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Break out a couple of cookie trays! Making these sandwich cookie recipes are a great way to turn normal cookies into luxurious cookies!


I got news for you, if you can spread peanut butter on a cookie, and slap another cookie on top of it, then you have the skills necessary to make some pretty tasty sandwich cookie recipes. The flavor combinations are seemingly limitless. If you are a fan of fruit, then dig into some Strawberries and Cream Sandwich Cookies. In the mood for something a little more savory, whip up a batch of Dulce de Leche Sandwich Cookies. Or perhaps my favorite, Key Lime Sandwich Cookies. And if you are in a rush, grab some store-bought cookies and create something quick and easy! Brighten up your day with these sandwich cookie recipes!

Butterfinger Whoopie Pies feature peanut butter and cream cheese filling inside soft Butterfinger cookies.

Golden Oreos may be made from scratch! This simple recipe yields tender handmade cookies sandwiched between layers of delightful sweet icing.
Strawberry cake mix is used to make Strawberries and Cream Sandwich Cookies, which are frosted with a delicious marshmallow cream cheese frosting.
These chocolate chip sandwich cookies are a perfect way to elevate regular chocolate chip cookies. Soft chocolate icing covers these chewy cookies.
These delectable, chocolate-dipped Sandwich Cookies combine chocolate and peanut butter!
There’s something particularly festive about a jam-filled sandwich cookie that has been coated with powdered sugar, like in this recipe for Strawberry Sandwich Cookies.
With every taste, you’ll be saying “oh my goodness” over these undeniably irresistible cookies. Encasing a thick layer of whipped cream cheese frosting are rich, buttery cookies brimming with cinnamon flavor.
Made entirely from scratch, these Homemade Oreos are delicious. Simple vanilla cream filling is sandwiched between two soft, brownie-like chocolate cookies.
Alfajores, also known as Dulce de Leche Sandwich Cookies, are delicate, soft sweets that are filled with the sublimely sweet dulce de leche. You may eat these melt-in-your-mouth sandwich cookies plain, with a dusting of powdered sugar, or sprinkled with coconut.

One of my favorite sandwich cookie recipes. Sandwich cookies with key lime filling are quick, simple, and delightful. Two graham cracker sugar cookies are sandwiched together with key lime cream cheese filling.

Rich, chocolatey, and packed with swirls of light, fluffy cookie dough buttercream, these brownie cookie sandwiches are a treat. Chocolate lovers, you know you can’t just have one!

These soft, chewy, and flavorful sandwich cookies combine ginger cookies and snickerdoodles and are filled with buttercream cinnamon!

A delightful buttercream filling is placed between two soft and chewy oatmeal cookies in oatmeal cream pies. Oatmeal Cream Pies prepared from scratch!

The recipe for Raspberry Linzer Sandwich Cookies makes a sandwich cookie with a raspberry jam cutout that is ideal for serving at Christmastime.
Your favorite strawberry shortcake flavors are now available as vanilla bean sandwich cookies with strawberry buttercream. These cookie sandwiches are a delightful summer treat and are simple to create and fun to enjoy.
Lemon sandwich cookies called Lemon Dream Cookies are sweet and delicious. A little cookie with a lemony filling and a powdered sugar topping.

Copy Cat Harry and David’s Fruit Galettes: These delightful soft shortbread sandwich cookies filled with fruit preserves and taste much better when cooked from scratch.

Chocolate cookies that are fudgy and sandwiched with raspberry cream cheese icing. Valentine’s Day is a great time to serve these Chocolate Raspberry Sandwich Cookies.

Lemon Poppyseed Sandwich Cookies are delicious lemon butter cookies that melt in your mouth. They are sandwiched with a dab of tart lemon curd.
A vegan blackberry cream prepared with real blackberries is sandwiched between two little gluten-free, vegan oatmeal cookies to create the ideal berries and cream sweet treat.
Tiny sandwich cookies with all the flavors of a tiramisu! A well-known dessert is transformed into cookies for snacking on the go!
Sandwiches of soft, chewy caramel apple cookies filled with a salted caramel glaze and a brown sugar and cinnamon buttercream frosting.
A handmade marshmallow filling is sandwiched between two soft and chewy chocolate sugar cookies in these Hot Chocolate Cookies.
Two delicate, flaky vanilla wafer cookies are sandwiched together with rich, sweet buttercream in these Cream Wafer Sandwich Cookies.

Pumpkin and apple are almost always the first flavors that come to mind when thinking of fall foods. When the days become shorter and the wind picks up, these two flavors are ideal since they are warm and nicely spiced. Put them in cookie form and you are ready for sweater weather!

With these Peanut Butter S’mores Cookies, transform a campfire favorite! Warm marshmallows and soft, chewy cookies are sandwiched together.

Original Chocolate Chip Cookies with buttercream frosting make the perfect addition to a holiday cookie platter!
This compilation includes five recipes and three methods for changing store-bought cookies into party cookies.
Get ready for the wave of kind words after making these Chocolate Cookie Dough Sandwich Cookies, which are simple to prepare and put together.
To create these wonderful fluffernutter cookies, soft and chewy peanut butter cookies sandwich a sweet marshmallow filling.
These Birthday Cake Cookie Sandwiches are a lot of fun to make and really simple. Perfect for anyone who enjoys everything birthday cake-related!

Orange sugar cookies and chocolate ganache are used to make Orange Chocolate Sandwich Cookies. This is a fantastic cookie recipe for the Christmas and winter holidays!

A handmade marshmallow filling is sandwiched between two soft and chewy chocolate sugar cookies in these Hot Chocolate Cookies. Heard of these before? Yeah, they are that good.
Banana Pudding Cookie Sandwiches – take a southern barbecue classic dessert and put it in the form of a cookie! Mind = blown.
Deliciously chewy brownie cookies with pistachio buttercream inside!
Red velvet sandwich cookies are for you if you enjoy eating two cookies at once, cream cheese frosting, and red velvet. Similar to freshly cooked red velvet Oreos
These Carrot Cake Cookie Sandwiches have a light and sweet Cream Cheese Buttercream filling that makes them soft and chewy.

Two chewy, fudgy cookies are sandwiched with light mint icing to make chocolate mint cookie sandwiches. They will undoubtedly become a holiday staple!

What are your favorite sandwich cookie recipes? Sweet? Savory? Or something in between? Comment with your tasty treat!
Sandwich Cookie Recipes

38 Sandwich Cookie Recipes for Blissful Snacking

Break out a couple cookie trays! Making these sandwich cookie recipes are great way to turn normal cookies into luxurious cookies!
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