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Christmas Crafts for Kids

41 Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make

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With these fantastic Christmas crafts for kids, everyone will feel the spirit of the season. Winter animals, garlands and ornaments galore!


The winter holiday season often brings up fond memories of my childhood. Growing up in New England, we had a good chance of a snowy Christmas, something that I have only experienced twice in 20 years of living in North Carolina (but at least spring starts when it should!). Every year we would make our way to Jones Tree Farm and bring back a massive tree that would make Clark Griswold jealous. I considered it a blank canvas for all my holiday crafts. There were paper plate wreaths, a paper plate picture frame that held a Polaroid photo of me and was covered in glitter…come to think of it, most of the crafts I made were constructed with paper plate. Jones Tree Farm was my fave, but if you are looking to harvest your own Christmas tree near you, check out this nifty resource.

Check out these wintry and whimsical Christmas crafts for kids! There are even crafts on here that the kid-like adults will enjoy. And yes, there are even paper plate crafts here.

Make one of these adorable elf, Santa, or Christmas tree crafts out of egg cartons! Step-by-step instructions make it simple to create these.

For kids, winter is such a joyful season. You can perform a seemingly unlimited number of crafts and STEM exercises, and they can all be so adorable!
Learn how to make this quick and easy Christmas Tree Craft ornament for kids with the printable design and video tutorial!
Kids can make this adorable and easy Christmas tree ornament. Christmas crafts for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners that are quick and easy.

These popsicle stick sleds Christmas ornaments are a simple DIY project that even children can complete, and they give a classic, rustic touch to your holiday décor.

Using this free printable gingerbread man pattern, kids will love constructing this adorable cardboard gingerbread craft. Kids can build these simple Christmas ornaments using just a few materials.
Kids will enjoy making this photo gingerbread man craft for Christmas. It is so much fun for the kiddos!
Create your own adorable and humorous elf project by bringing out your paints, newspapers, markers, and whatever else comes to mind.
Making your own reindeer gift tags will give your Christmas presents a touch of holiday whimsy.
Use this simple salt dough recipe and guide to make a Santa handprint ornament. There are also instructions for making an elf and a reindeer.
Toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy making this festive, easy-to-follow Christmas stocking project.
It’s time for a new, delightful, and easy Christmas activity! Let’s construct a paper ball reindeer! These gorgeous paper balls are amazing because you can use them to create the best Christmas garland ever!

Kids can make a snowglobe activity with puffy paint. It’s excellent for winter projects in the school or at home.

Create a cute snowy owl project using a pine cone! The technique is a lot of fun, and the finished item is adorable, making it a fantastic activity for children. You may teach a terrific science lesson about the winter season by combining this owl craft with a book about snowy owls.

Create a lovely Christmas tree craft using yarn and sticks. Have fun adding buttons, pompoms, or beads to it. A sweet Christmas craft for kids that incorporates nature!

If you enjoy making reindeer crafts, you’re in luck! Make a 3D construction paper reindeer craft together—it will be a lot of fun! You’ll want to make all 8 of Santa’s reindeer as well as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!

For artists of all sizes, the Christmas tree sun catcher project is perfect. Rip tissue paper, count and sort the gems, and make lovely holiday artwork!

These recycled toilet paper tube snowmen make a fantastic keepsake gifts for kids.

Making this easy pasta noodle Christmas tree is so much fun! This Christmas craft is great for kids.
With the help of this advent calendar guide, kids can put together this Christmas paper chain countdown!
Kids can make this spectacular fireplace craft for Christmas with such ease. Make the project into a handcrafted decoration by attaching a hanging string at the back.

Make this crafty reindeer headband for Christmas while enjoying a great family night watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!

Try decorating some cardboard Christmas decorations if you’re searching for simple and entertaining Christmas crafts for kids!

These snowflakes made with coffee filters are incredibly simple and wonderful! What a fantastic winter activity! When hung in a window, they make neat little sun catchers.

Kids can make these Christmas Glitter Jars at home or in class, and it’s simple and entertaining. They make wonderful Secret Santa or stocking stuffer presents!

You can create this lovely project right now if you have some paint and a disposable fork. This method is fun, simple, and ideal for painting winter treescapes or Christmas trees.

Kids can construct this adorable Craft Stick Snowman with a fun spiral pipe cleaner cap this winter, and it looks great hanging from the Christmas tree.

The simplest Christmas activities for children are fingerprint decorations. Find out how to make these Christmas fingerprint ornament mementos for kids.
Three different ways to create fake snow using just two items! You’ll learn how to create instant snow, puffy paint, and snow for a sensory bin.
The ideal holiday craft for kids is the paper plate Christmas wreath! Make it today with your youngster!
For your preschoolers and kindergarteners, you may easily make this cute cotton ball penguin project. You can pick from 4 different penguin templates!
Kids can make a lovely Christmas craft with this coffee filter wreath. Create a colorful wreath decoration using coffee filters, a paper plate, and some glue.
It’s incredibly simple to make these pipe cleaner snowflakes! Discover how to create 4 simple patterns that you can use to make Christmas ornaments!

Christmas crafts for kids can be very easy, with wonderful results! Use acrylic paint to turn plain stones into charming Santa stones!

You will never make graham cracker gingerbread houses easier than this. Find out how to make these enjoyable, festive, and kid-friendly goodies. Edible Christmas crafts for kids? Sign me up!

Simple and lovely winter wonderland crafts & decorations for weddings, holidays, Thanksgiving, & Christmas: $1 snowy DIY mason jar centerpieces in 5 minutes!

For this kid-friendly winter tree art project, collect natural materials. Use it to instruct young children on the four seasons, and trees.
Pinecone Christmas Tree Craft: a fun project for kids! With paint, bright pom poms, and pinecones, you can create the cutest Christmas trees!
Kids love to do this Christmas Tree Thumbprint Art Craft because it’s simple and fun.

Snow globes made without water are entertaining to shake, durable, and kid-friendly! A unique spin on a classic winter craft. And as far as Christmas crafts for kids go, they are quite stylish!

Tutorial for a Popsicle Stick Sleigh Ornament: It’s quite simple to make and the end result is a wonderful “keeper” for years to come.
The Best Christmas Crafts for Kids

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