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LEGO Christmas Sets

LEGO Christmas Sets for Decking the Halls

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These LEGO Christmas sets will add a bit of festive flair and a touch of holiday joy. Great for solo building or group play!


Feeling like your home office could use a little holiday pizazz? Or perhaps you are searching for a fun gift for a niece or nephew? These LEGO Christmas sets to add the right amount of holiday cheer, and are great for builders both big and small! Whether it is a LEGO Santa Sleigh or a Christmas tree, a winter wonderland of creation awaits!
A festive LEGO Christmas Tree sits on a window sill beside a wrapped present with a red paper and green ribbon.Source: LEGO.com
With the help of this lovely LEGO® Christmas Tree set, you can create a beautiful holiday display. The brightly colored tree is positioned on a festive mat, decorated with ornaments and candles. For the ideal finishing touch, place the yellow star on top. You have the option to construct 1 large tree or 2 smaller trees using this 2-in-1 model.
LEGO set of Santa's Sleigh on a window sill with miniature pine trees in the backgroundSource: LEGO.com
Ensure that Santa will stop by! The ideal pre-Christmas gift to fill homes with holiday cheer is LEGO® Santa’s Sleigh. The elaborate sleigh, which includes 4 reindeer, will be fun to build and display for both children and adults. A guitar, skis, and a teddy bear are among the items in the sleigh. Santa has a list, of course, to check who has been nice this year!
LEGO holiday wreath set on a white backgroundSource: LEGO.com
This 510-piece set, a terrific holiday present for kids aged 9 and up, is excellent for individual building or having fun with loved ones. It can be displayed however the builder pleases, including hanging it on a wall or using it as a table decoration.
A white background with a Santa's Gingerbread House LEGO set on top.Source: LEGO.com
With the help of this cute toy, you can take your preschooler on snowy adventures and introduce them to Santa Claus. As they put the set together, adults may enjoy the construction process and experience priceless developmental moments with their preschooler. A chair, a tree with gifts below it, a teddy bear, a teapot, and a plate of cakes are all fun decorations that encourage imaginative play.

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