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Banana Bread Recipes

36 of the Best Banana Bread Recipes

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Whether you like banana bread recipes with nuts, or as French toast (YUM!), here are some of the best banana breads to satisfy your cravings.


Banana bread is one of those amazing kitchen creations where it doesn’t matter how it looks, it still tastes amazing. It is rarely going to win any style points. I mean, you are starting with overripe bananas. However, the outcome is delicious.

These banana bread recipes are perfect for using up old bananas before they become rotten. And if you just bought a bunch of them and don’t feel like waiting days and days, you could just put them in the oven.

Super creamy and flavorful, this Banana Bread Protein Smoothie is a must-try! You only need six key ingredients to whip it up quickly!

You’re going to enjoy this simple recipe for banana bread. There is minimal effort, but the results are moist and flavorful!

The best banana bread may be made using a traditional recipe like Easy Chocolate Chip Banana Bread. It just takes 15 minutes to prepare and is packed with chocolate chunks!
Start your day eating some banana bread with the most mouthwatering buttery cinnamon sugar swirls. You’ll love this Cinnamon Swirled Banana Bread.
This Banana Bread Pudding is a tasty and simple breakfast or dessert dish that is warm, gooey, and brimming with banana bread flavor.
Blueberry Banana Bread: A classic banana bread that is soft and delicate and packed with delicious blueberries. You can use frozen or fresh blueberries to prepare this recipe.

This recipe has a lot of banana sweetness and crispy walnuts on top. A perfect Starbucks copycat recipe. Now we just need to brew some coffee!

The moist banana bread in this coffee cake banana bread recipe is topped with a crumb cake topping, turning it into a quick bread that tastes like coffee cake.

Banana bread is by no means boring, but adding browned butter frosting to these bars takes it to a whole new level.

Looking for banana bread recipes, but want keep things gluten-free? You are in luck! Coconut sugar is used to sweeten this gluten-free banana bread recipe. This soft and fluffy bread also tastes great with chocolate chips or chopped nuts.

Served warm, at room temperature, or cold, this homemade Reese’s Peanut Butter Banana Bread is a decadent treat!

Considered banana bread to be perfect? Try this variation of a basic banana bread recipe by incorporating cream cheese in broad, beautiful swirls.

These banana bread brownies are incredibly tasty, sweet, moist, and soft. Made with mashed bananas, sour cream, and chopped walnuts. They have butter, powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla extract icing which is quite wonderful.

Muffins made with banana bread are fluffy and bursting with rich banana flavor. It’s a simple recipe that requires no mixer and consistently yields delicious banana muffins.
Three bananas are used in this simple recipe for banana pineapple bread. Quick, easy, and delicious pineapple banana bread with walnuts and pineapple. Boom!
Chocolate chips and cocoa powder elevate the basic banana bread. This delicious Chocolate Banana Bread recipe is a chocolate lover’s dream!

Banana bread made with chocolate and walnuts is incredibly simple to make and fills your kitchen with delicious aromas! This Super Easy Chocolate Walnut Banana Bread is soft and moist even a day later!

Using honey in place of sugar and only a few simple ingredients, Honey Vanilla Banana Bread is a traditional and fluffy banana bread recipe.
You wouldn’t be able to tell that this One Bowl Carrot Cake Banana Bread is healthy because it is so flavorful and soft despite not using any butter or oil.
A maple glaze is drizzled on top of homemade banana bread to give the traditional recipe a seasonal twist. This recipe for maple-glazed banana bread is fluffy and delicious.
The moistest chocolate chip banana bread and creamy vanilla cheesecake combine to make the best-tasting Banana Bread Cheesecake. Double the fun!
Make Piña Colada Banana Bread by combining bananas, coconut, and pineapples to create the ideal dessert and cocktail hybrid!

This banana bread isn’t excessively sweet and has a faint sourdough flavor to it. Because everything is combined in one bowl, there are fewer dishes to wash after a great, healthy snack.

Check out this traditional almond flour banana bread recipe. Ripe bananas, maple syrup-sweetened deliciousness, and just the right amount of cinnamon flavor in each bite. It is fluffy, moist, and incredibly easy to make.

A tasty variation on classic banana bread! The popular Butterscotch Banana Bread is excellent for sharing.
Bananas Foster Bread Pudding: A decadent bread pudding dessert with delicious bananas foster flavors baked in.

One of my favorite banana bread recipes combined with one of my favorite breakfast foods! Have any banana bread leftovers? Enhance your breakfast performance by preparing Banana Bread French Toast. It’s a delicious and very simple recipe for French toast.

Give banana bread a splash of color and flavor. With chopped strawberries and toasted walnuts, this strawberry banana bread is flavorful and colorful!

Fresh, luscious peaches, protein-rich Greek yogurt, and a hint of cinnamon are used to produce a perfectly moist, low-fat Cinnamon Peach Banana Bread.

Fresh raspberries and dark chocolate chips are used in this recipe for Raspberry Dark Chocolate Banana Bread. Luxury in loaf form!
Baker beware! This Orange Chocolate Chip Banana Bread is incredibly delicious and doesn’t taste like banana bread at all! The orange and chocolate go so well together in this banana bread variation.
Green tea lovers will adore Matcha Banana Bread. Now you can incorporate your love of green tea into your morning snacking!
Brown butter and handmade cream cheese frosting give these tender, delectable banana bread cookies an addictive flavor.
Nothing compares to freshly baked banana bread, but what if you are short on time? You can quickly prepare breakfast if you make these banana overnight oats.
Enjoy these delightful, quick-to-prepare Banana Pancakes for brunch. They are made with a full cup of mashed banana for tons of flavor.
The flavor of banana bread is packed into fluffy, delicate waffles. They taste great with maple syrup and have the richness of brown sugar and cinnamon.
Banana Bread Recipes

36 of the Best Banana Bread Recipes

Whether you like banana bread recipes with nuts, or as French toast (YUM!), here are some of the best banana breads to satisfy your cravings.
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The Best Banana Bread Recipes

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