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Easy Asian Beef Recipes

22 Vibrant Asian Beef Recipes for Every Palate

Explore a world of flavors with these 22 Asian beef recipes. From spicy Szechuan to aromatic Thai, there’s something for every palate.

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Tasty Beef Recipes from Asia

Beef is more than just a protein. It’s a canvas for creativity, a way to explore the world through your taste buds. Whether you crave something spicy, tangy, or rich, you’ll find a beef dish that suits your mood. In this post, I’ll share some of my favorite recipes that showcase the versatility of beef. From Szechuan Beef with its bold flavors to Thai Beef Salad with its crisp freshness, these dishes will take you on a delicious journey. You’ll discover new cuisines, new ingredients, and new ways to enjoy beef.
Craving some spicy Chinese food? Try this easy and flavorful recipe for Szechuan beef. It’s made with tender beef, crunchy vegetables, and a fiery sauce that will make your taste buds sing. Serve it with rice or noodles for a satisfying meal.
Enjoy a refreshing and healthy salad with this Thai beef salad recipe. It’s made with thinly sliced steak, crisp lettuce, fresh herbs, and a tangy dressing. It’s perfect for a light lunch or dinner, or as a side dish for any occasion.
Experience the rich and complex flavors of Indonesian cuisine with this beef rendang recipe. It’s made with beef chunks that are slowly cooked in coconut milk and spices until tender and fragrant. It’s a delicious dish that goes well with rice or flatbread.
Whip up a quick and easy stir fry with this pepper steak recipe. It’s made with juicy steak, colorful peppers, onions, and a savory sauce. It’s ready in less than 30 minutes and tastes great with rice or noodles.
Warm up with a bowl of comforting and aromatic Vietnamese pho. It’s a soup made with beef broth, rice noodles, herbs, and thinly sliced beef. It’s a hearty and satisfying dish that you can customize with your favorite toppings.
Transport yourself to Thailand with this beef massaman curry recipe. It’s a mild and creamy curry made with beef, potatoes, peanuts, and coconut milk. It’s flavored with spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg. It’s a cozy and delicious dish that pairs well with rice or bread.
Get your daily dose of veggies with this mostly veggie steak stir fry recipe. It’s a colorful and nutritious dish made with steak, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, and a simple sauce. It’s low-carb, gluten-free, and paleo-friendly. Serve it on its own or over cauliflower rice for a filling meal.
Skip the takeout and make your own beef lo mein at home. It’s a classic Chinese dish made with noodles, beef, vegetables, and a savory sauce. It’s easy to make and customize with your favorite ingredients. It’s a great way to use up leftover meat or veggies in your fridge.
Treat yourself to a special Korean dish with this galbijjim recipe. It’s made with beef short ribs that are braised in a sweet and savory sauce until fall-off-the-bone tender. It’s garnished with nuts and green onions for extra flavor and texture. It’s a festive dish that is perfect for holidays or celebrations.
Turn leftover rice into a delicious meal with this easy beef fried rice recipe. It’s made with rice, ground beef, eggs, peas, carrots, soy sauce, and sesame oil. It’s simple to make and ready in 20 minutes. It’s a great way to use up any leftover meat or veggies you have on hand.
Mix up your rice bowl game with this bibimbap recipe. It’s a Korean dish that consists of rice topped with various ingredients like beef, vegetables, egg, and gochujang sauce. It’s a colorful and flavorful dish that you can customize to your liking. Mix everything together before eating for the best experience.
Spice up your dinner with this easy kung pao beef recipe. It’s made with beef strips, bell peppers, peanuts, and a spicy sauce that has a balance of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy flavors. It’s a restaurant-quality dish that you can make at home in 30 minutes or less.
Fire up the grill and make these grilled Asian garlic steak skewers. They are made with marinated steak pieces that are skewered with vegetables and grilled to perfection. They are coated with a sticky garlic sauce that adds more flavor and shine. They are fun to eat and perfect for summer parties or weeknight dinners.
Savor the taste of Filipino cuisine with this beef caldereta recipe. It’s a hearty stew made with beef, potatoes, carrots, bell peppers, tomato sauce, liver spread, cheese, and olives. It has a rich and savory flavor that is enhanced by spices like bay leaves, peppercorns, and chili peppers. It’s a comfort food that is best served with steamed rice or bread.
Brighten up your day with this orange beef recipe. It’s made with crispy beef strips that are tossed in a sweet and tangy orange sauce. It has a burst of citrus flavor that is balanced by soy sauce, vinegar, brown sugar, and ginger. It’s a refreshing and delicious dish that is easy to make and better than takeout.
Cozy up with a bowl of this Chinese spiced beef and potato stew. It’s made with beef, potatoes, carrots, and a broth that is flavored with star anise, cinnamon, cloves, fennel seeds, and Sichuan peppercorns. It has a warm and aromatic flavor that is comforting and satisfying. It’s a great dish for cold days or when you need a boost of energy.
Spice up your soup game with this bun bo hue recipe. It’s a Vietnamese soup made with beef broth, rice noodles, beef shank, pork hock, lemongrass, shrimp paste, and chili oil. It has a spicy and complex flavor that is balanced by fresh herbs, lime juice, and bean sprouts. It’s a hearty and flavorful dish that will awaken your senses.
Enjoy a simple and satisfying meal with this gyudon recipe. It’s a Japanese dish that consists of thinly sliced beef and onions that are simmered in a sweet and savory sauce. It’s served over steamed rice and topped with green onions and pickled ginger. It’s a quick and easy dish that is filling and delicious.
Try a different kind of beef stew with this beef mechado recipe. It’s a Filipino dish that is made with beef chunks that are stuffed with pork fat and cooked in tomato sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, bay leaves, and peppercorns. It has a tangy and savory flavor that is perfect for any occasion. It’s best served with rice or bread.
Bite into a crunchy and flavorful sandwich with this grilled beef banh mi recipe. It’s made with grilled marinated steak slices that are stuffed into a baguette along with pickled carrots, daikon radish, cucumber, cilantro, jalapeño, and mayonnaise. It’s a Vietnamese sandwich that is packed with flavor and texture. It’s a great lunch or snack option that you can make ahead of time.
Go low-carb and high-protein with these ground beef lettuce wraps. They are made with ground beef, mushrooms, water chestnuts, green onions, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, and sriracha. They are wrapped in lettuce leaves and garnished with more green onions and sesame seeds. They are light and tasty wraps that are perfect for a healthy meal or appetizer.
Experience the taste of Thailand with this Thai basil beef recipe. It’s made with ground beef, garlic, shallots, chili peppers, fish sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, lime juice, and Thai basil leaves. It’s stir-fried until fragrant and served over rice or noodles. It’s a spicy and aromatic dish that is easy to make and addictive to eat.
Easy Asian Beef Recipes

Asian Beef Recipes

Explore a world of flavors with these 22 Asian beef recipes. From spicy Szechuan to aromatic Thai, there's something for every palate.
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