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Truffle Recipes

37 Insanely Tasty Truffle Recipes to Make at Home

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There is no better delight than a rich chocolate truffle for a bite-sized treat. For dessert inspiration, explore these truffle recipes!


Let’s talk for a minute about truffles. No, I am not referring to the kind that grows underground and you need a special pig to find them. I am referring to the kind that you can make in your kitchen, they come in a whole world of flavors, and are best when coated in chocolate. Those kinds of truffles. The sort that is about the size of a ping-pong ball, and makes for decadent snacks, or thoughtful gifts for the holidays. Key lime truffles, heck yes! Dark chocolate truffles, sign me up.

These truffle recipes are proof that you don’t need to be a classically trained pastry chef to be able to whip up some homemade truffles. And, if you accidentally make too many, don’t fret, that’s what friends are for!

Pumpkin Spice Truffles: Chocolate-covered pumpkin spice ganache truffles that are smooth and creamy. There are simply 5 simple ingredients!
Five basic ingredients are all you need to make Rich and Creamy Peppermint Chocolate Truffles! So simple and ideal for homemade gifts for the holidays!

These decadent Dark Chocolate Key Lime Pie Truffles will win over every Key Lime lover! Including yours truly. One of my favorite truffle recipes.

Circus Animal Cookie Truffles are so adorable, what’s not to love? Cute little animals, pink and white icing, and vibrant sprinkles! This quick treat will quickly become a classic.

This recipe for Champagne White Chocolate Truffles will have you reaching for the champagne! Champagne is mixed with decadent white chocolate to create velvety, mouth-melting truffles. As far as truffle recipes go, these are some pretty classy snacks!

Add whipped cream icing, fresh strawberries, and crumbled angel food cake to make delectable truffles. Then, cover in white chocolate. Then, eat. Then, dream about them later!
Truffles made of dark chocolate are a luxurious treat and a striking addition to any celebration, meal, or event.
A no-bake recipe for sugar cookie truffles just calls for three ingredients: sugar cookies, cream cheese, and white chocolate. They are a wonderful winter treat!

Truffle recipes are a must-have for most festive dessert makers! And these truffles made of cranberry, pistachio, and white chocolate are a festive no-bake delicacy. Make sure you have plenty of these to go around over the holidays!

A delicious flavor combination is dark chocolate and raspberries. You can eat these truffles all year long. I do.
German chocolate truffles are formed into bite-sized balls and coated in chocolate. They contain a German chocolate filling with coconut and pecans.
These simple Gingerbread OREO Truffles are perfect for gift-giving, cookie exchanges, and Christmas parties. Just make sure you save some for yourself.
White chocolate and sweet orange flavors are combined to make Easy Orange Creamsicle Truffles. These tart no-bake orange truffles are too good to pass up!

Biscoff cookies are amazing. And, truffle recipes are amazing. Biscoff cookies in truffle form are close to sinful.

The coconut and pineapple flavors in these simple, no-bake Pina Colada truffles are rich, and the maraschino cherry in the middle is a pleasant surprise.

Tangy and delicious, white chocolate lemon truffles are also quite simple to make. White chocolate, butter, lemon extract, and heavy cream are all that is required.

These rich, luscious truffles feature a combination of dark chocolate and orange oil. You won’t believe how simple these are to make—only four ingredients!

This five-ingredient recipe is easy to make, fun to share, and delicious. Tiramisu Truffles are easy luxury.
Coconut flakes, condensed milk, and chocolate chips are the only three ingredients needed to make these simple coconut balls wrapped in chocolate.
Simple ingredients are used in this recipe for easy white chocolate truffles. Think of these homemade truffles as a blank canvas for all the flavor combinations your brain can come up with.

A real crowd-pleaser is these Blueberry Lemon Truffles. white chocolate, cream cheese, and creamy blueberry preserves; next, a tart lemon glaze is applied.

A wonderful dessert that requires only three basic ingredients. These decadent brownie truffles are incredibly rich in chocolate flavor.
Chocolate Truffles with Raspberry Filling – Make these chocolate raspberry truffles to wow a hungry crowd!
White Chocolate Almond Amaretto Truffles – While making truffles from chips isn’t exactly conventional, it’s also inexpensive, quick, and simple to accomplish!

It’s very simple to create these delicious salted caramel fudge truffles! They may be prepared quickly in the microwave and are tasty desserts.

In my opinion, there is no greater pairing than peanut butter and chocolate, as seen by these Peanut Butter M&M’S® Truffles. Other truffle recipes have met their match!

Making rose truffles is quite simple, and they taste creamy, rich, and amazingly good! The ideal tasty snack with edible rose bits.
You’ll be happy to bring these Boozy Christmas Chocolate Truffles to any holiday gathering since they are quick, simple, and delicious.
These tiny Pumpkin Pie Truffles are tempting thanks to their white chocolate coating and creamy, spiced pumpkin core. Better make extras.
Mint Chocolate Chip Truffles are covered in rich chocolate and feature a creamy mint chocolate chip middle. Almost time to put your screen down and pick up some chocolate!
This recipe for White-Chocolate Latte Truffles is great for two reasons: it’s ridiculously simple and uses instant coffee to give it just the perfect amount of kick.
Delicious chunks of brownie and cherries are combined in these Chocolate Covered Cherry Brownie Bombs. These are the ideal treat to create and share!
Cookie Dough Bites are tiny, chocolate-covered balls of edible, eggless cookie dough. I have now declared it safe to eat the cookie dough!
These delicious Samoa Truffles have only 4 ingredients and are made of chewy caramel and coconut that are coated in a double layer of chocolate.
These Strawberry White Chocolate Truffles are a tiny chocolate treat with a robust strawberry flavor. Need more convincing? There are only 3 ingredients required for this recipe!
If you haven’t jumped on the “sweet & salty” bandwagon, now’s the time! And what better way than with little truffles with bits of bacon?!
These Cookie Dough Truffles covered in chocolate make the ideal sweet snack!
Truffle Recipes

37 Insanely Tasty Truffle Recipes to Make at Home

There is no better delight than a rich chocolate truffle for a bite-sized treat. For dessert inspiration, explore these truffle recipes!
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