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23 Air Fryer Fish Recipes for Seafood Lovers

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Experience the magic of air frying with a delectable collection of air fryer fish recipes. From tacos to fillets, enjoy some seafood tonight!

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Brace yourself for a culinary thrill that will boost your seafood skills to a new high. If you’re a fan of all things fishy and crave that crispy crunch with every bite, you’re in for a treat. Today, I’m excited to show you a bunch of air fryer fish recipes that’ll change the way you enjoy seafood. From zesty mango-topped Cajun spiced fish tacos to mouthwatering parmesan-crusted halibut, we’re diving into the realm of crunchy perfection. These recipes perfectly blend the crunchy texture of air frying with the juicy quality of fish, creating dishes that are easy to whip up and a delight for the taste buds. So, grab your air fryers and start a flavorful journey that’ll make you a seafood master in no time!
Enjoy these Cajun spiced fish tacos with a crispy air fryer twist. They are served on fire-grilled corn tortillas and topped with a zesty mango salsa. They are a delicious and easy meal!
This recipe for air fryer fried catfish is low-calorie, low-fat and low-carb. It only requires three ingredients and is ready in minutes. It has a crispy and crunchy texture that you will love!
These fish fillets are cooked in the air fryer until they are golden and crispy on the outside and soft and velvety on the inside. They are done in just 20 minutes and are perfect for any occasion. They are simple and tasty!
These air fryer fish tacos are crispy and flavorful and come with a zesty cilantro lime slaw. They are healthy and easy to make in 30 minutes. They are a great weeknight meal that everyone will enjoy!
Walleye is a freshwater fish that tastes delicious when cooked in the air fryer. You can make it with or without breading and it will be tender and flaky in less than 20 minutes. This recipe will show you how to do it!
You can enjoy beer-battered fish without the guilt by using your air fryer. It is easy, tasty and goes well with some air fried chips and malt vinegar. It is a classic dish that you can make healthier!
These air fryer fish sticks are ready in just 25 minutes and are much healthier than deep-fried ones. They are easy to make and the kids will love them. They are crispy and delicious!

This air fryer parmesan-crusted halibut is an amazing dish. It is crunchy on the outside, tender and flakey on the inside, and full of flavor. It is a must-try recipe for any fish lover!

These air fryer tuna steaks are juicy, tender and divine. You don’t need any skills to make them, just your air fryer. They are seared to perfection in minutes.
Air fryer fish nuggets are a quick and easy homemade recipe that uses fresh or frozen cod fillets. They are cooked in the air fryer until crispy and golden. They are a great snack or meal for any age.
Air fryer white fish is a low carb, healthy and easy recipe that uses garlic and lemon for flavor. It is made with tilapia fillets that are air fried until tender and flaky. It is a keto-friendly fish dish that you will love!
Air fryer fish is a great way to enjoy crispy fish without deep frying. It is ready in minutes and is so easy to make. You can pair it with some fries for a classic meal.
Air fryer cod is a game-changer for fish lovers. It has a crispy golden exterior and a flakey tender interior that you will adore. It is a simple and delicious way to cook cod.
These air fryer tuna cakes are full of flavor and easy to make. They only take less than 15 minutes in the air fryer and are perfect for a simple dinner. They are crispy and yummy!
This air fryer halibut with fresh mango salsa is inspired by a meal I had at the Cliffside Restaurant in St George. It is delicious and easy to recreate at home. The halibut cooks quickly and easily in the air fryer, while the mango salsa adds a refreshing touch.
Air fryer tuna melt is a fast and easy way to make a delicious open faced tuna melt. You just need tuna, cheese, and a crusty roll to pile it on. The cheese melts perfectly in the air fryer.
Tuna patties in air fryer are healthy, low carb, paleo, and easy to make. They are made with tuna, eggs, almond flour, and seasonings. They are crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.
Air fryer mahi mahi is a delicious way to cook this fish with panko breadcrumbs for a crispy outside and flaky inside. You can also cook it from frozen with this recipe. It is ready in minutes!
This honey Chilean sea bass recipe is made in the air fryer in under 15 minutes. It only requires five ingredients and tastes amazing. It is the ultimate fish recipe that you have to try!
This easy sweet spicy air fryer salmon recipe combines chili and honey for a delicious flavor. It only needs six ingredients and less than 15 minutes to make. It is perfect for dinner or lunch any day of the week!
This teriyaki salmon air fryer recipe is a quick and easy weeknight dinner idea that you will love. It is savory, flavorful, and fast to make. It is a great way to enjoy salmon in your air fryer.
This chili lime tilapia recipe can be cooked in the air fryer or oven in under 15 minutes. It is tender, flaky, and full of flavor. It is a quick and easy weeknight meal that you can enjoy anytime.
This honey dijon salmon recipe is ultra easy and elegant to serve. It only needs a few ingredients and one pan to make. It is a must try recipe for any salmon lover!

Air Fryer Fish Recipes

Experience the magic of air frying with a delectable collection of air fryer fish recipes. From tacos to fillets, enjoy some seafood tonight!
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