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Champagne Cocktails

37 Champagne Cocktails to Make for Soiree Sipping

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These delightful, fizzy champagne cocktails can be served at a fancy soiree or even a tailgate party. They make for sensational sipping!


You can celebrate both major wins and small victories with the help of the champagne cocktail recipes that are provided below—or sparkling wine recipes; I’m not one to always follow the rules. (You will probably notice that I use “champagne”, “Prosecco”, and “sparkling wine” rather interchangeably).  Whether you are celebrating the New Year, having an Easter brunch gathering,  or mixing up some sparkling drinks for a game night with pals, there is rarely a bad excuse for some champagne. Use a dry brut champagne if in doubt, but if you are a fan of another bubbly, we can break the rules together!

Gin and prosecco are combined in this drink along with a few more surprises!

Make a Vanilla Champagne Cocktail to elevate champagne. Perfect for an Easter brunch or New Year’s Eve, garnish with a vanilla bean or a stick of vanilla rock candy.

Get the recipe for a traditional Aperol spritz! These fizzy Italian drinks taste great and are simple to create!
Lovely, fizzy, and bursting with berries! For a brunch party, wedding shower, or any other special occasion, this Prosecco sangria is the ideal choice.

This recipe for a champagne cocktail for all of your holiday gatherings combines pomegranate and cranberry tastes for a tasty beverage that your guests will enjoy.

Summer days are made even sweeter and holiday parties much more festive with these Raspberry Prosecco Cocktails!
There are only seven basic ingredients needed to prepare this Blackberry Champagne Mule. This is made extra spectacular by the addition of fresh blueberries and mint.
The best way to spread glitz and cheer is with this sparkling pomegranate, cranberry, and champagne holiday drink!

For brunch, a backyard soiree or a holiday party, try this delicious strawberry champagne cocktail, which blends strawberry puree, ginger, and champagne.

Every gathering needs a distinctive drink! This Elderflower, Gin, and Prosecco Cocktail is a festive, snazzy drink that you can create at home with ease!

A sparkling Prosecco cocktail with honey and sweet tea, mixed with either vodka or gin. Make this Prosecco and vodka cocktail in advance for one or more people easily!

Fresh herbs, delicious pears, and sparkling wine or champagne are combined to make a Rosemary Pear Sparkler.

Dale DeGroff, one of the pioneers of the modern cocktail world, is the creator of the Ritz Cocktail. A gorgeous, sophisticated party drink is made with Cointreau, Maraschino, Cognac, Lemon, and Champagne.

Enjoy a sparkling Champagne Margarita while celebrating in style! At your upcoming party, guests will go crazy for this effervescent rendition of your beloved lime margarita!

With this sparkling fig prosecco cocktail, indulge in classic Mediterranean luxury! This bubbly cocktail exudes style and sophistication, whether you’re toasting the new year or your wedding anniversary! Amaretto, mint, and fig liqueur give prosecco an exotic vibe.

The traditional brunch cocktail is transformed into frozen Peach Bellini Slushies in this recipe! Contains only 4 ingredients and is made in a blender!

Fresh raspberries, lemon, and premium Italian sparkling prosecco wine are used to make the refreshing summer beverage – Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco Spritzer.

The French 95 is a classy champagne cocktail that also contains bourbon. This is a balanced, frothy beverage with a whiskey kick that is pleasantly refreshing.

This tequila drink from renowned mixologist Julie Reiner is deliciously elegant thanks to the addition of blood orange and Champagne.

Crushed juniper berries, a pine sprig, and simple syrup are all ingredients in the Juniper Champagne Drink, a creative champagne cocktail recipe.
Champagne is added to the persimmon cocktail, which is produced with cinnamon, sage, and honey simple syrup. The result is a light and herbal beverage.
Using only four components, you can make a fantastic cocktail with vodka and champagne. Serve this for your upcoming party!

A simple, beautiful drink with only three ingredients—berry liqueur, scotch whisky, and sparkling wine—makes for the ideal sparkling champagne toast on New Year’s eve.

With orange juice, champagne, and a dash of grenadine, the Sunrise Mimosa is a delightful drink to have with weekend brunch.

Using coconut rum, pineapple juice, grenadine, and prosecco, the Tropical Champagne Cocktail is a light and exotic beverage.

A festive drink is always fun to enjoy when ringing in the New Year, whether you’re going out or staying in. This champagne cocktail is wonderful to prepare because it’s simple, tasty, and elegant!
St. Germain gin or vodka, fresh lemon juice, and Prosecco or champagne are the essential ingredients in this crisp and lively St. Germain cocktail. Simple and ideal for parties, special date nights at home!
This recipe for a raspberry bellini would make a great addition to brunch or a special occasion. Simple, sweet, and tangy!
These exquisite Pink Lemonade Champagne Margaritas are the epitome of sophistication. This champagne cocktail is ideal for weddings, patio parties, or sipping by a pool!
A simple mixture of chilled champagne and fresh fruit juices creates the perfect champagne punch. This easy effervescent punch will be a hit! 

A cool summer cocktail called the Paloma Aperol Spritz is composed with Aperol, grapefruit soda, tequila, fresh lime juice, and prosecco on top.

There are only three ingredients in this simple cocktail recipe for Hawaiian mimosas. You only need pineapple, rum, and champagne to produce this tropical concoction.

This two-ingredient champagne cocktail is the perfect option if you’re looking for a playful spin on a champagne drink. This recipe for a blood orange champagne cocktail is tasty and easy to prepare.

This sparkling bourbon champagne cocktail combines the Manhattan with bubbly and an orange twist.

The champagne cocktail your pool parties have been missing is fizzy, colorful, and delicious! Pour these beverages all summer long! 
As soon as it touches the champagne, the sweet and fluffy cotton candy will magically vanish! These exciting cocktails are almost as entertaining to make as they are to consume!

Lemon Vodka Prosecco is a tart, fizzy adult beverage that combines Prosecco, vodka, and lemon sorbet.

Champagne Cocktails

37 Champagne Cocktails to Make for Soiree Sipping

These delightful, fizzy champagne cocktails can be served at a fancy soiree or even a tailgate party. They make for sensational sipping!
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