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Biscotti Recipes

41 Biscotti Recipes to Elevate Your Coffee Breaks

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Looking to give your coffee or tea ritual a much-needed boost? Try these crispy, delicious biscotti recipes.


Biscotti, an Italian cookie that is baked twice and is ideal for dunking in your cup of joe, is one of my favorite types of cookies. Basically there is no limit to the flavor varieties with biscotti, it’s not singular, like, say, classic Oreos. You’ll be surprised at how simple biscotti making actually is! The results of these biscotti recipes make wonderful gifts and is a perfect option if you need a cookie that will travel nicely on your next roadtrip.

First, got to shout out to all my key lime lovers out there! I see you! This Key Lime and White Chocolate Biscotti will have you dreaming about The Keys tonight!

This recipe for keto biscotti is fantastic. They have a lovely maple walnut flavor and are deliciously crunchy. They are sugar, dairy, and grain-free, which you won’t believe.
Sourdough Biscotti:  If the year 2020 didn’t put you off sourdough, try these crunchy cookies enhanced with a cup of sourdough discard. Dunk these sourdough cookies in a cup of coffee for a real treat! 
These coconut biscotti are fantastic! The recipe produces cookies that are loaded with coconut, crispy, crunchy, and ideal for dipping into a cup of hot tea or coffee!

This simple Cherry Almond Biscotti tastes great dipped in coffee and is a great way to start a lazy weekend day. This traditional Italian cookie recipe is jazzed up with maraschino cherries and almonds.

The sundried tomatoes and toasted pine nuts on these Cheddar-Parmesan Savory Biscotti make them ideal for dipping in a robust stew or soaking up a steamy broth.

The cinnamon and cayenne pepper in the mini Mexican chocolate biscotti give them a strong spicy flavor that pairs nicely with the main chocolate flavor.

Pecans and a drizzle of chocolate and caramel decorate the top of the delectable Chocolate Turtle Biscotti.
Coffee Shop Brownie Mix Biscotti: This slightly handmade take on a traditional biscotti is fantastic! Every piece seems to have a classic, crunchy edge.
Black and White Biscotti are delicious and have an artsy flare. These chewy cookies with vanilla and chocolate are delicious to eat, perfect for dipping, and make wonderful gifts. 

Use up some of your ripe bananas by making banana bread biscotti. When dipped in coffee or tea, these delectable biscotti are just perfect. The dough comes together easily –  no mixer is required! 

This recipe for peppermint biscotti with white chocolate drizzle gives the original biscotti, an iconic Italian biscuit that is cooked twice, a wonderful holiday twist.

Biscotti that are cheery and sunny with just the right amount of crunch and a soft, delicious core.

At any time of the day, enjoy a wonderful birthday treat for breakfast. Featuring vibrant sprinkles, this recipe for Birthday Cake Biscotti is a tasty snack.

How about this for a delicious springtime or Easter treat? All the tastes of carrot cake in a biscotti cookie with a recipe for carrot cake biscotti!

Although making this Spumoni Biscotti requires some work and some mess, the end result is a superb biscotti.
The recipe for these easy Strawberry Pecan Biscotti is outstanding. It has a distinctive flavor and is exceptional.
Lemon Pistachio Biscotti: Italian-style biscotti with a dash of lemon flavor, pistachio nuts that are crisp, and sweet white chocolate.

When drinking milk or coffee, try this White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Biscotti! Unexpectedly simple to make, yet a lovely sweet treat or gift idea!

These pistachio biscotti are nutty, crispy cookies that are excellent for dunking in your morning tea or coffee. This recipe is prepared the simple and tasty Italian way.
Recipe for caramel-coffee biscotti with caramel-coffee drizzle. Delicious, simple, and distinctive!

Tasty and unique, this apple cider biscotti recipe is great! These biscotti are a wonderful food gift idea or addition to your cookie platter for the holidays!

Enjoy a wonderfully crunchy Chai Spiced Biscotti to warm up this season. These biscotti, which have been covered in white chocolate and are delightfully spiced.

You must try these cookies! White chocolate chips, dried wild blueberries, and white chocolate drizzled over the top of Wild Blueberry Lemon Biscotti.

The ideal Italian cookie for the holidays, this crunchy, sweet, and rich Nutella-drizzled Chocolate Biscotti Recipe is simple to prepare. Hazelnut lover rejoice!
The chocolate-covered amaretto biscuits are ideal for dipping in coffee. Almond flavor and toasted almonds are in these delectable biscotti.
An epic recipe for homemade anise biscotti. Biscotti are simple to make, crispy, and mouthwatering.
If it is is winter, then It’s time to make some eggnog biscotti! Crazy idea, Eggnog Biscotti dipped in, wait for it, eggnog. Who’s with me?!
With a cup of coffee, milk, or hot cocoa, try these delectable Chocolate Peppermint Biscotti! A lovely Christmas treat! Delicious and festive!

The robust, rich chocolate flavor of Chocolate Espresso Biscotti makes them the ideal snack for chewing, crunching, dipping, and dunking.

Cookie butter is used to flavor both the glaze and the dough of these simple biscotti cookies. They are addictive, sweet, and crispy!
Thin and crispy Chocolate Toffee Biscotti are topped with cinnamon sugar and have sweet chocolate and toffee chunks all over them.
Pair your next cup of coffee with these sinfully sweet pumpkin biscotti with white chocolate icing. It’s like an autumnal explosion of deliciousness!
Just because they are vanilla, doesn’t mean they are boring! These Vanilla Biscotti are destined to join you on your next coffee break!

With vibrant orange zest and chewy dried cranberries, homemade biscotti receives a strong citrus taste boost. Coffee breaks are always better with Cranberry Orange Biscotti!

This simple recipe for Italian Lemon Biscotti is lightly sweet and crunchy. Start the tea kettle!
A unique twist on a classic cookie that everyone will enjoy are gingerbread biscotti. A cup of coffee or tea pairs well with the cookie’s subtle spiciness.
Crispy orange cranberry biscotti with a white chocolate drizzle make a tasty gift or addition to breakfast.
This recipe for cinnamon and vanilla biscotti is rich with vanilla flavor, packed with cinnamon spice, and has a light, buttery crunch with a softer middle.

Perfect for Christmas and the holidays, crisp almond biscotti with chocolate bits within!

The best almond biscotti recipe is made simple with this step-by-step tutorial created for first-time biscotti bakers! Results are crispy cookies with a strong almond taste!
Biscotti Recipes

41 Biscotti Recipes to Elevate Your Coffee Breaks

Looking to give your coffee or tea ritual a much-needed boost? Try these crispy, delicious biscotti recipes.
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