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Whiskey Cocktails

33 Popular Whiskey Cocktails to Enjoy This Evening

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Warm up your winter, and cool down your summer with these recipes mouthwatering whiskey cocktails. Here’s a toast to you!


When you aren’t enjoying a great whiskey on the rocks or neat, hopefully, you are preparing some rather robust cocktails with this fermented grain mash spirit. One of the primary ingredients in traditional cocktails is whiskey. From the classic Manhattan to the Mint Julep, whiskey is enjoyed in many forms and flavors. Give one of these whiskey cocktails a shot when you are ready to unwind.
This sweet whiskey lemonade is always a hit because it is light, refreshing, and ideal for the summer (or any season!).

This unique cocktail contains Irish whiskey, honey liqueur, orange juice, and bitters…and a great name!

Whiskey goes well with lemonade and freshly crushed blackberries. Served over ice, this Blackberry Whiskey Lemonade is dangerously delicious!
With this Peanut Butter Old Fashioned, let’s give a traditional cocktail a retro touch! In place of your standard bourbon or rye, sweet Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey creates a delectable old fashioned that goes down oh-so-smooth.
These flavorful and quick Blueberry Whiskey Spritzers are easy to make. Enjoy these whiskey cocktails that are great for summer entertaining.
An inviting vegan whiskey chai cocktail! Whiskey and freshly squeezed orange juice with chai tea steeped in almond milk. Delish!
For the summer, try this simple and cool Strawberry Whiskey Lemonade! This cocktail is created with handmade strawberry syrup and whiskey and it is oh so refreshing.
Smooth, slightly sweet, and with a hint of orange, yields the Bootleg Black Gold Whiskey cocktail. It’s a terrific beverage to enjoy after dinner.

The ideal ingredients for an old fashioned cocktail are premium bourbon, bitters, a touch of maple syrup, and a hefty amount of orange peel.

One of your go-to springtime drinks will soon be the Champagne Bourbon Cocktail.
The appeal of traditional cocktails lies in their simplicity. All cocktails are improved by Irish whiskey, right? Like this Irish Old Fashioned.

A Scotch Whiskey cocktail nicknamed The Penicillin is blended with lemon, honey, and ginger. Learn how to create it and how the beverage got its unique name!

Hawaiian Stone Sours will make you long for a tropical getaway! With a little whiskey and pineapple juice, your tastebuds will be delighted!
A wonderful summertime variation on the traditional whiskey drink is this Cherry 7 and 7!
The traditional Campari cocktail is given a splash of sweet-tart blood orange juice in this Boulevardier recipe. The Blood Orange Boulevardier has a similar recipe to a Negroni (but uses bourbon rather than gin), making it a classy drink for the chilly winter months.
The Raspberry Vanilla Whiskey Sipper: a raspberry whiskey cocktail with a hint of vanilla simple syrup, has a spectacular color.

Jameson Irish whiskey, Sprite, grenadine, and lime and lemon juice are used to make the Irish Redhead cocktail. It is a flavorful, relaxing cocktail.

This peanut butter whiskey cocktail, made with Skrewball whiskey and chocolate liqueur, has the flavor of a Reese’s peanut butter cup in a glass! Whiskey cocktails taking the form of dessert!

A whiskey-based fall cocktail called The Mountain Man is served. You’re welcome.
If you enjoy Mint Juleps, you’ll dig this really easy Strawberry Whiskey Smash, which has a strawberry lemonade flavor.
Enjoy a wonderful Apple Cider Hot Toddy to keep warm! For those chilly evenings, try this warm and inviting whiskey beverage.
Fall revelers will like this Apple Pie Cinnamon cocktail. Serve hot or cold, and enjoy it!

The Jack Daniels-based Peach Whiskey Mule beverage has the flavor of a whiskey-soaked, luscious peach. It’s about as southern as you can get, really!

The cocktail known as the “New York Sour” is made of red wine, whiskey, and lemon syrup. Similar to sangria or a fruity whiskey sour
One of my summertime favorites is an Arnold Palmer! One of the most wonderful and refreshing drinks. Toss in a little Kentucky bourbon to take things up a notch!
Orange and lemon juice are combined to create the Orange Whiskey Sour, a quick and easy adult beverage.

French for “ancient square” or “old quarter” is “Vieux Carre.” The Carousel Bar in the Hotel Monteleone is where this cocktail was first created in New Orleans.

Black Cherry Bourbon Cola Smash is a simple, slightly sweet, and popular cocktail that is ideal for hot summer days.
This simple and delicious variation on a traditional cocktail uses cranberry whiskey. It’s simple to make and a little festive, making it ideal for any celebration.
The rich, warm, and fruity Earl Grey Blackberry Bourbon Cocktail. As summer gives way to autumn, this cocktail is ideal.
For St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, try this recipe for Irish Sour Apple Cocktails! The recipe for this green cocktail couldn’t be simpler. Enjoy a stylish St. Patrick’s Day!
This wintery variation on the classic Bourbon Smash cocktail. It will keep you warm with its bourbon, fruit, cinnamon, and club soda.
This Smoked Manhattan with Cinnamon is delicious for those of you who enjoy the deep, rich tastes of the traditional cocktail.
Whiskey Cocktails

33 Popular Whiskey Cocktails to Enjoy This Evening

Warm up your winter, and cool down your summer with these recipes mouthwatering whiskey cocktails. Here's a toast to you!
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