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Mojito Recipes

34 Mojito Recipes for Muddling Madness

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Check out these mojito recipes for ways to adapt the traditional cocktail recipe; just make sure you have lots of fresh mint ready!


Delicious mojitos are mixed drinks that often contain rum, mint, lime juice, sugar, and sparkling water. In particular, summer get-togethers and beach trips call for them because they’re tasty, energizing, and ideal for every occasion. But who’s to say you can’t be a rule breaker and enjoy a mojito during, say, a Syracuse winter?

Speaking of breaking the rules. You don’t have to, however, stick to the fundamentals when it comes to mojitos. There are many ways to change things up, whether you want to add some more sweetness or a fruity twist.

It is officially time to grab your mint muddler, and get ready for your mixology moment! These mojito recipes are waiting to satisfy!

A pleasant twist is given to the classic mojito recipe. Try making this Blackberry Mojito recipe this summer for a unique take on the traditional cocktail.

There is just a brief window of time to enjoy rhubarb straight from the garden, and life is too short not to find occasions for happy hour. Cheers to this recipe for a rhubarb mojito!

For your spring and summer celebrations, light and lively blackberry prosecco mojitos will become the popular beverage. Making this delicious cocktail is easy and it has a lot of flavor.

With rum, lime, dragon fruit, sugar, and mint, this stunning pink Mojito will wow the guests at the happy hour party.

A delicious and fruity variation on the traditional rum cocktail, the Peach Mojito is ideal for summertime or backyard gatherings.

Strawberries, lime, and rum come together perfectly in this delightful dragon berry mojito.

Summer is the ideal time to enjoy this Creamy Coconut Mojito recipe. It combines elements of a mojito and a pina colada. With a sugar-lime rim, cream of coconut is mixed with rum, lime juice, and mint. 

Pomegranate Mojito Cocktail: This delicious cocktail is full of good antioxidants and would be perfect for the holidays. Simple, sweet, and wholesome. 

This Blueberry Mojito will cool you off from the first sip thanks to the combination of sweet, juicy blueberries, tart lime, fresh mint, and a hearty splash of white rum!

Enjoy a cool mango mojito that requires just five ingredients, including mango, lime, and mint. This recipe can be prepared in under 10 minutes!

With all the ingredients of a traditional mojito plus apple cider, this apple cider mojito is a spicy, lively, and somewhat sweet fall cocktail.

Using fresh kiwis, blueberries, lime, mint leaves, sparkling water, and rum, create these fancy kiwi blueberry mojitos.
The traditional Cuban white rum cocktail has been given a colorful and delightful makeover with this cool watermelon mojito. Make for a large group or summer gathering!
Only a bottle of bubbly will give this champagne mojito recipe with grapefruit that extra special spark! Fruity, zesty, and invigorating!
Are you looking for a cool drink to serve this summer? You are in luck! Make these honey ginger simple syrup-based Ginger Raspberry Mojitos.
Have a minty white rum cocktail with some citrus zing: On the coldest days of the year, blood orange mojitos make this traditional beverage more cheerful.
This pineapple mojito will be a hit! A wonderful recipe for a mojito that is really simple to create at any moment!
This recipe for a Creamy Coconut Blackberry Mojito is ideal for summer. Cream of coconut, blackberries, mint, rum, and lime juice are combined, and the drink is served over ice with a sugar-lime rim. Delish!
Discover how to prepare this mojito with ginger beer. This mojito recipe is the ideal summer beverage since it is crisp and invigorating.

A fantastic way to enjoy a cocktail is with this easy syrup-based Kiwi Lime Mojito recipe! It has a delicious, fresh, and tart kiwi taste.

Sweet Tea Vodka Lemonade Mojitos are the epitome of cool summertime drinks. Make ahead and enjoy whenever you want!

Cherry mojitos are the perfect cool summer beverage made with cherries in their peak. White sugar is not used in this dish, which employs healthy ingredients!
Enjoy a homemade Mojito at home with this delicious recipe. If you want to entertain your friends this summer, use this large batch pitcher recipe!

This champagne mojito is modeled by the popular cocktail made with lime, mint, and adding champagne. An elegant champagne cocktail.

A simple home recipe for the best passionfruit mojito. The combination of fresh lime juice and mint makes the ideal summer cocktail.
Particularly on a summer day, this quick and simple raspberry mojito recipe tastes amazing takes very little effort to create. Cheers!

The Mojito makes an ideal limoncello cocktail. When combined with rum and fresh mint, the lemon liqueur creates an exceptionally cooling beverage.

Prepare a pleasant and easy-to-make mojito by combining melon and mint. When you host your next pool party or home soirée, try this cantaloupe mojito!
The next time you want something sweet and exciting, make a Coke Mojito! It has tons of flavor and is quite simple thanks to fresh lime and mint.
Cool as a cucumber! This modern take on a traditional cocktail is sure to impress everyone.
Fresh honeydew melon, spicy ginger syrup, and a delicious take on the traditional Mojito cocktail!
Everything about the traditional mojito recipe is included in these blended mojitos, which have been transformed into delightful slushies.

The perfect cocktail for summer is this Strawberry Mojito recipe. This tasty cocktail features wonderful strawberries together with mint, rum, and lime juice.

Make these tasty and zesty Cranberry Mojitos this holiday season to get into the festive spirit! They are prepared with cranberry juice, mint, rum, and rosemary simple syrup. Simply put, they are excellent.

Mojito Recipes

34 Mojito Recipes for Muddling Madness

Check out these mojito recipes for ways to adapt the traditional cocktail recipe; just make sure you have lots of fresh mint ready!
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