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Rum Cocktails

36 Rum Cocktails for Those Tropical Vibes

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These rum cocktails are perfect to serve at a swank garden party, or to add to your backyard tiki bar. Not just a pirate drink anymore!


Rum is a rather versatile liquor. Whether you are creating some retro tiki bar beverages or mixing mojitos to sip on before a Cuban-themed spread, the humble sugar cane spirit has you covered.

This Copycat Pat O’Brien’s Hurricane cocktail recipe is a delicious southern tradition, just like the well-known New Orleans original.
This coconut rum cocktail looks as icy and frosty as it sounds, but it actually has a summery flavor profile thanks to the orange and coconut.

Fresh, cooling mint, coconut rum, coconut cream, and club soda are the main ingredients in this lively Coconut Mojito, a tropical summer cocktail.

Tropical, sour, spicy, and bitter. This drink of mango sake and rum is delicious! Prepare using Koloa Reserve rum.

A delightful and revitalizing twist on the traditional Negroni cocktail that adds a touch of the Caribbean by substituting black rum for the gin.

A simple variation on the traditional cocktail, the Rum Old Fashioned includes brown sugar and a buttery smooth dark rum. It’s tasty and complex!
Sparkling Blue Hawaiian Drink, also known as Blue Hawaii Drink, is a light tropical cocktail recipe ideal for luaus or a relaxing Sunday afternoon.
It’s like a taste of the tropics with this simple Rum Blue Island Cocktail! This drink is smooth and incredibly relaxing because it is made with coconut, citrus, fruity flavors, and rum.
Introducing the Blackberry Rum Swizzle! It combines a hint of something tropical with a touch of tartness from the blackberries, all served up in a freezing cold glass, making it the ideal beverage for a hot day.
Love making drinks with only 3 ingredients? The flavor of this Creamy Root Beer Rum Cocktail is similar to an adult Root Beer Float.
Blood orange is such a great addition to tiki drinks because it offers a deep, blood-red color and is tangy, zesty, and somewhat sweet.
A delicious and fruity variation on the traditional rum cocktail, the Peach Mojito is ideal for summertime or backyard gatherings.
A minty white rum cocktail will go well with some citrus kick: During the darkest, coldest days of the year, blood orange mojitos enliven this traditional cocktail.
This chocolate coconut rum cocktail is a delicious, decadent beverage with Caribbean influences that is ideal for both chocolate and coconut lovers!
These Painkiller cocktails are easy to make and have a zesty, tropical flavor with a creamy coconut finish.
While we wait for summer to arrive, this cocktail is the ideal beverage to sip on. It is a citrus dream. This delicious cocktail is made with the lovely combination of lime and basil.

Blue Curacao, pineapple juice, and two kinds of rum are used to create the Tipsy Mermaid cocktail. This recipe for a simple summer cocktail is fantastic!

This recipe for a banana rum cocktail is ideal for warm summer days because it tastes exactly like a banana rum smoothie and is quick and simple to create.

New Year’s Eve Rum Berry Cocktail: pomegranate juice, ginger beer, Cointreau, rum—all in one drink! For a dazzling effect, use frozen berries rather than ice cubes.

A fruity cocktail nicknamed Planter’s Punch is crafted from orange and pineapple juices, grenadine, dark or spiced rum, and a dash of lime.

A basic rum cocktail recipe: Pirate’s Booty. This cocktail’s edible gold glitter makes it a glitzy recipe to enjoy.
The Canchanchara is a white rum cocktail that has lime juice and honey syrup for sweetness. It is a light, energizing cocktail that will satisfy your thirst!

A delicious, semi-sweet beverage that strikes the perfect balance of coconut rum, pineapple, and cranberry cocktail. Additionally, it has the ideal ratio of sweet and tangy flavors that will make you think of summer.

Looking for a light rum-based summertime cocktail? This basil-infused watermelon daiquiri is delicious and extraordinary. It’ll become your go-to summer beverage.
Create the finest Rum Runner cocktail using all the inviting island flavors and feelings! It’s the ideal refreshing beverage, made with two rums, fruit liqueurs, and tropical juices.
You must taste the Old Cuban drink! This contemporary version of a French 75 and a Mojito is served with champagne.

The adults will love this refreshing summer slushie, the Key Lime Cocktail, made with coconut rum and fresh key limes! You’ll stay cool all summer long with this.

This Peach Mojito is a delightful and fruity variation on a traditional rum cocktail that is screaming “summertime”!
Butter, brown sugar, spices, and vanilla combine to make the delectable hot cocktail known as Hot Buttered Rum.

White rum, lime, and a dash of ginger ale are combined with sweet pineapple juice to make the delicious summertime cocktail known as pineapple rum punch.

You’ll feel like you’re on a Caribbean beach after just 5 minutes of sipping this mango tango beverage. Mango, orange, and coconut flavors combined in a tropical blend.
An easy mango rum spritzer recipe. A delightful and refreshing cocktail that is ideal for summer events.

Just three basic ingredients make up this Gosling’s Dark ‘n Stormy cocktail: ginger beer, lime juice, and Gosling’s Black Seal Rum.

This Apple Cider Dark & Stormy replaces the ginger beer in a classic rum cocktail with the deliciousness of fall.
This Hakuna Matata rum cocktail tastes great and looks like a lovely African sunset.
A cool summer beverage, Caribbean rum punch is created with light and dark rum, pineapple, orange, lime, and grenadine.
Rum Cocktails

36 Rum Cocktails for Those Tropical Vibes

These rum cocktails are perfect to serve at a swank garden party, or to add to your backyard tiki bar. Not just a pirate drink anymore!
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