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A collage of the best Thanksgiving desserts

23 of the Best Thanksgiving Desserts

Bake up some warm and cozy sweetness with 23 of the best Thanksgiving desserts. Apple, pumpkin, and pecan pie…oh my!

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Delicious and Easy Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

Who doesn’t love some fall baking? There is something so comforting and satisfying about filling your kitchen with the aromas of pumpkin, apple, and pecan. Whether you are looking for a simple snack, a decadent dessert, or a festive treat, I’ve got you covered with these 23 of the best Thanksgiving desserts. They are all easy to make, delicious to eat, and perfect for sharing. So grab your apron, your mixer, and your oven mitts, and let’s get baking!

Indulge in the perfect fusion of two beloved classics: pumpkin pie and cheesecake. These bars boast a velvety cheesecake layer atop a graham cracker crust, crowned with a spiced pumpkin topping. Slice them into bite-sized pieces, and savor with a dollop of whipped cream or a drizzle of caramel sauce. These pumpkin pie cheesecake bars are simply irresistible.
Experience the enchanting world of this moist and delicate pumpkin cake. With three layers of pure delight – a dense cake base, a creamy custard center, and a fluffy cake top – it’s a symphony of flavor in every bite. Crafted with just one batter and a handful of pantry staples, a dusting of powdered sugar adds the perfect finishing touch. Whether enjoyed warm or cold, this pumpkin magic custard cake is sure to rekindle your love for pumpkin.
Delight in the crispy, chewy perfection of these cinnamon-sugar kissed churros. Infused with the essence of pumpkin and a hint of spice, each one is fried to a golden hue, then generously coated in a sweet cinnamon embrace. Dip them into velvety chocolate sauce or decadent dulce de leche for an extra layer of indulgence. These pumpkin churros are a sweet tooth’s dream come true.
Take your pumpkin pie to new heights of convenience with these miniature pie pops on a stick. Encased in a flaky crust, they cradle a luscious, creamy filling – perfect for gatherings, potlucks, or simply snacking. Whether with store-bought or homemade dough and fillings tailored to your taste, these mini pumpkin pie pops are a charming and portable twist on a classic.
Elevate your dessert experience with a sumptuous pumpkin cake crowned with a velvety cream cheese frosting. This uncomplicated sheet cake boasts the richness of pumpkin, an array of spices, and a delightful crunch of nuts. The frosting’s tangy creaminess complements the cake to perfection. Make it ahead, store in the fridge or freezer, and savor a crowd-pleasing treat in every slice.
Transport yourself to the heart of Southern comfort with this homemade sweet potato pie. Crafted with love and simplicity, it features fresh, boiled sweet potatoes, blended harmoniously with butter, sugar, eggs, milk, and warm spices. Baked to golden perfection in a buttery crust, serve it warm or chilled, perhaps crowned with a dollop of whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream. This Southern sweet potato pie is a timeless delight.
Unleash your inner peanut butter enthusiast with these chunky, chewy cookies. Brimming with white chocolate chips, Reese’s pieces, and peanut butter chips, they strike a perfect balance between soft centers and crisp edges. In under 30 minutes, from one bowl and a spoon, these cookies emerge as the ultimate treat for any occasion.
Step into autumn with these puffy, spiced cookies, featuring a vibrant hue and a tantalizing pumpkin flavor. Rolled in a cinnamon-sugar embrace, they offer a cozy seasonal delight. Whether enjoyed fresh from the oven or allowed to cool slightly, these pumpkin snickerdoodles are the epitome of comfort cookies for the season.
Immerse yourself in the deep, rich flavor of pure maple syrup with these delightful shortbread cookies. Gently shaped and adorned, they boast the essence of pure maple in both the dough and the glaze. Baked to a light golden hue, they are elegantly drizzled with a simple maple glaze for an extra touch of sweetness.
Add a playful twist to a classic dessert with these adorable apple lattice pies baked right inside hollowed-out apples. The apples serve as both the crust and a sweet filling, creating a charming miniature version of the beloved pie. Easy to make with store-bought or homemade dough and filling, these apple lattice pies are a fun and festive treat.
Embrace the essence of fall with this apple spice cake, a tender creation infused with the fragrance of fresh apples, warm spices, and a hint of cinnamon cream cheese frosting. Baked to perfection, this cake offers a delightful choice whether made in a bundt pan or a sheet pan. Your home will be filled with the inviting aroma of autumn.
Whip up a crowd-pleasing pumpkin sheet cake with ease. Combining pumpkin puree, oil, eggs, and sugar in one bowl, it’s topped with a creamy, velvety frosting. Cut into squares and adorned with sprinkles or nuts, this pumpkin sheet cake is a delicious and shareable delight.
Give leftover candy corn a delightful transformation with these rice krispie balls. Dipped in your choice of chocolate and adorned with playful sprinkles or drizzles, they are a cute and convenient treat for kids and adults alike.
Satisfy your pumpkin pie cravings with these mini bites, featuring a simple, flavorful filling nestled in perfectly sized pie crusts. Easy to make and topped with whipped cream or pecans, these pumpkin pie bites are a wonderful way to enjoy this classic treat.
Crafted with love and care, this classic apple pie boasts tender, sliced apples, sugar, and spices encased in a flaky crust. Whether served warm or cold, with ice cream or whipped cream, it’s a timeless dessert that never goes out of style.
Indulge your sweet tooth with this moist and flavorful pumpkin bread, studded with chocolate chips. Enjoy it plain, with butter, or cream cheese for a delightful breakfast or dessert option.
Utilize your slow cooker for a warm, gooey apple pudding cake that offers a cozy dessert option as easy to make as it is to enjoy. Serve it warm or cold, with whipped cream or ice cream, for a soft and gooey cake that will warm your heart.
Impress your guests with a stunning caramel apple cake, featuring layers of moist apple cake, luscious caramel buttercream, and a decadent drizzle of caramel sauce, finished with a sprinkle of sea salt for an extra touch of indulgence.
These bakery-style pumpkin chocolate chip cookies promise a delightful treat, combining the richness of pumpkin with the sweetness of chocolate in every mouthwatering bite. Whether large or small, they’re sure to bring a smile to your face.
Embrace the festive flavors of white chocolate and cranberries with these thick and chewy cookies, a delightful twist on the classic chocolate chip cookie. Enjoy them warm or at room temperature for a festive and tasty treat.
Enjoy the essence of pumpkin pie year-round with this creamy, spiced pumpkin pie ice cream, a refreshing treat that captures all the flavors of the beloved dessert. Serve it in cones or bowls, with whipped cream or caramel sauce, for a refreshing and delicious treat.
Savor the heavenly combination of bread pudding and pecan pie with this irresistible dessert, featuring a buttery pecan pie topping atop a custard-soaked bed of cubed bread. Serve it warm with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream for a cozy and happy treat.
Treat yourself to a slice of Southern delight with this Pecan Plain Cake, a delectable creation made with a boxed cake mix and topped with a buttery pecan sauce for a true taste of the South. Sprinkle some extra pecans on top for a delightful crunch. This Southern pecan praline cake with butter sauce is a scrumptious dessert that will make you say y’all.
A collage of the best Thanksgiving desserts

Thanksgiving Desserts

Bake up some warm and cozy sweetness with 23 of the best Thanksgiving desserts. Apple, pumpkin, and pecan pie...oh my!
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The Best Thanksgiving Desserts

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