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Out In The Wild Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, Georgia

Out In The Wild: Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, Georgia

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Did you know that the best Jekyll Island beach is the one that you don’t even want to swim at? Driftwood Beach is a must-see on your next trip to Georgia.


If you happened to stumble across my Instagram, then there is a chance you have seen a picture, or many, of me and the kids exploring all the things to do on Jekyll Island, GA. If you haven’t stumbled across it, don’t worry, here are a bunch of pictures from our most recent walk down Driftwood Beach.

This Jekyll Island beach is eerily beautiful. The beach is covered in fallen trees and driftwood. A product of years of erosion. It’s because of this rugged beauty that it becomes very popular during the “golden hour” of early evening. On any given evening you will see wedding and engagement photographers running the show. Local boutiques will do photoshoots of models wearing their upcoming products. And, families will be decked out in coordinating outfits, smiling for a professional photographer. It is a Jekyll Island must-see for sure. Photo-ops are aplenty and worthy of an Instagram moment.

Looking north, up Driftwood Beach towards St. Simon's Island
Low Tide on Jekyll Island

The best time to go to Driftwood Beach is during low tide. There are tide pools, and there is just a bit more space for people to spread out for photos. Not sure when the tides come in and out? You can find that here.

House Hunk, in the wild
The Golden Hour on Jekyll Island
Jekyll Island bald eagle

We like to drive farther north up the island and park at Clam Creek. There is ample parking since it is a popular fishing spot on Jekyll Island. We will then walk south down the beach from there until we get to the main area of Driftwood Beach. Going during the early evening, there is a strong chance that you will see dolphins heading out for their evening meals. If you look high in the trees, you may also have the chance of seeing some of the bald eagles that live on Jekyll Island.

A photo of a young boy in a blue shirt standing on a beach at sunset. He is looking out at the ocean and is standing next to a large pile of driftwood. The ocean is visible in the background with small waves breaking on the shore. The sky is a gradient of orange and blue, indicating that it is sunset. The image has a dreamy, nostalgic feel to it.

Are dogs allowed on Driftwood Beach? Yes! Dogs are allowed on all the beaches of Jekyll Island with few exceptions. You will see signage alerting you to areas where dogs are off-limits, like on Glory Beach, since it is a wildlife preservation area. Dogs, as well as humans, are not permitted on the dunes on the island, as they are protected for the sea turtles that hatch there.

Driftwood Beach Pinterest Pin

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