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Out In The Wild Lake Greeson, Arkansas

Out In The Wild: Lake Greeson, Arkansas

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If you are visiting Murfreesboro, Arkansas then you are near Lake Greeson, one of the most beautiful bodies of water in the region!


Recently we were lucky enough to take a road trip across the country that included a stop in Arkansas. We spent a couple of nights camping at Lake Greeson, near Crater of Diamonds State Park, and Murfreesboro. The scenery was gorgeous, the air incredibly fresh (seriously, like noticeably fresh), and the night sky was bursting with stars. 

I put some photos on Instagram, but I will share more of them here for your viewing pleasure!


Lake Greeson was a little low, however, the wider shore area made for a great spot for deer to come graze.


At the nearby Crater of Diamonds State Park, you can spend all day mining and pan for diamonds. What you discover, you get to take home with you!


If you do plan on spending some time at Crater of Diamonds State Park, I highly recommend that you bring a folding stool or something to sit on. The mine is a large open field that you dig into the soil. It is hard work, and there is not much in the way of seating, except for a few picnic tables that were occupied. Make sure you bring plenty of water, and sunscreen. Since it is an open field, there is almost no shade, unless a friendly cloud floats on by.


Have you been to Lake Greeson or Crater of Diamonds? What other areas in the region would you recommend checking out? Comment with your suggestions 🙂

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