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Deviled Eggs Recipes

58 Deviled Egg Recipes to Wow the Crowd

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These deviled egg recipes are a cinch to prepare, and likely to go fast whether served as a game day snack or a potluck party starter.


It’s easy to understand why deviled eggs are a classic; they’re simple to make and the ideal canvas for pretty much any culinary impulse. These crowd-pleasing appetizers are sure to be a favorite at picnics, showers, tailgate parties, and barbecues. They range from traditional versions that feature the rich and creamy filling you crave to recipes with delightful twists like crispy bacon toppings or juicy lobster.

The ideal finger food for gatherings, potlucks, and Easter is deviled eggs with old bay shrimp. They’re simple to make. A tasty recipe is prepared in 30 minutes.

Tofu and potatoes are used to make delicious vegan deviled eggs. Your friends will enjoy the ideal vegan snack you bring to a party.
This mayo-free recipe for deviled eggs is amazing. It simply has a fantastic flavor and maintains its creaminess.
The tasty treat that goes great with spring, summer, or Easter is bacon-jalapeno deviled eggs!
Why not bring Deviled Eggs with Thai Green Curry to the party? These delicious nibbles are filled with real green Thai curry paste and other ingredients.
These simple keto deviled eggs are a colorful complement to any low-carb party buffet because they are loaded with spinach and artichoke.
Load up deviled eggs with the flavors of Taco Tuesday! These Taco Deviled Eggs are the perfect tailgate party snack.
With these luscious French Quarter, crawfish deviled eggs, every day is Mardi Gras!
Recipe for a unique take on traditional deviled eggs that makes a fantastic appetizer: Ham and Swiss Deviled Eggs from Renee’s Kitchen Adventures.
Deviled eggs prepared in an Italian style, topped with pesto, Parmesan cheese, and crunchy prosciutto.

These adorable and festive Christmas deviled eggs are wonderful! You only need a few vibrant pink peppercorns and some fresh parsley leaves for decorating.

Asian Deviled Eggs give deviled eggs a unique and delicious flavor. A delightful variation on a classic is created with soy sauce, ginger, and garlic.

Deviled eggs with mustard ranch and bright pink beet color are beautiful and simple to make. They make a fantastic appetizer and are the ideal way to finish off leftover hard-boiled eggs!
Inspired by spaghetti carbonara, these deviled eggs have crispy pancetta, parmesan, and a lot of black pepper.

Deviled eggs made with caramelized onions and Gruyere cheese are a creamy variation of the traditional dish.

Feeling fancy? Dress up those boring eggs with some flavors of the sea by adding lobster meat! My mind…blown.
Deviled eggs in the Southern fashion can be made with a pimento cheese mixture that combines sharp cheddar and creamy mayonnaise.
Turmeric Dyed Curry Deviled Eggs are loaded with flavor and have a vibrant color to them. Not only are they tasty, but turmeric has many health benefits.
Deviled egg salad made for the keto diet is a delicious, low-carb side dish or lunch that just takes 10 minutes to prepare.
Deviled eggs with shrimp are a delicious new take on the traditional dish also. An excellent brunch dish or holiday snack is made from your extra hard-boiled eggs.

Nothing more embodies summertime joy than these deviled eggs with a Southern flair. Delectable morsels of hot but not mouth-burningly spicy fried chicken are the ideal picnic food usage for leftover fried chicken. Add them to your deviled egg filling for a new, and soon-to-be favorite twist!

Spanish-style chorizo is used in these chorizo deviled eggs to add a smokey depth of flavor that elevates the taste of deviled eggs to the next level.

These Deviled Eggs in the Instant Pot are incredibly quick and simple! And needless to say, taste amazing!

Mexican Street Corn Deviled Eggs have a filling comprised of sautéed corn, mayo, cotija cheese, chili powder, and spices. You need to check out this recipe….like, right away.

Everyone will like these keto-friendly low-carb jalapeno popper deviled eggs. They are stuffed with cheddar, bacon, cream cheese, and three different kinds of jalapenos.
Halloween Deviled Eggs add a little spookiness to the traditional recipe. This time, the eggs are boiled and dyed.

Who says boiled eggs are only served at get-togethers and outdoor cookouts? It’s always a good time for traditional deviled eggs! Make this recipe for your Easter breakfast and impress your guests.

Only 6 ingredients and plenty of flavors in this simple recipe for buffalo ranch deviled eggs. It just takes a few minutes to prepare these quick deviled eggs, and they are delicious.
The ideal meal, snack, or appetizer is deviled eggs. The celery and pickle give these tuna deviled eggs a crisp texture in addition to their spicy and creamy flavor.

This recipe for Bacon Deviled Eggs is easy to prepare, entertaining, and delicious. Ideal party food for Easter, celebrations, and potlucks!

Crab rangoon-inspired deviled eggs have hard-boiled eggs packed with cream cheese, crab, and scallions.

Using up leftover eggs is easy with a recipe for deviled eggs dip with paprika and chives. This is a quick and tasty snack that is creamy and mildly spicy.

Deviled eggs are a popular appetizer, but these ones have smoked salmon in them, making them totally addictive! Furthermore, they look lovely on a brunch or lunch table…if they last that long. 
A hybrid of two favorite foods is Deviled Eggs Benedict. These eggs are quite simple to create, and they run out almost as quickly as you can plate them!
Deviled Eggs in different colors are quite eye-catching! A delightful appetizer for backyard barbecues and an incredibly simple way to add a special touch to Easter.

Add some Asian flavors to your appetizer recipe arsenal with these Miso Kimchi Deviled Eggs. You’ll be glad you did.

With these Chinese deviled eggs, which are packed with intriguing flavors to spice things up, you can give a traditional holiday dish a surprising twist.
Air Fried “Deep Fried” Deviled Eggs: This healthier version of deviled eggs is much better! While air frying makes them lighter, they are still spicy, crispy, and filling!
Deviled eggs come in two varieties: normal deviled eggs and then amazing versions like these Dijon Deviled Eggs with Maple Candied Bacon.
A quick and tasty variation of the traditional recipe is crab deviled eggs. It resembles a deviled egg version of your beloved California roll. Crab, avocado, and cucumber are placed on top of the creamy yolks, which have been spiced up with wasabi.
Pickled Deviled Eggs boast a vibrant shade of pink, and are packed full of flavorful goodness!
Want to give deviled eggs a quick, sophisticated twist? Parmesan Truffle  Deviled Eggs are the distinctive, upscale appetizers you need for your upcoming holiday celebration.
Old Bay, corn, and crab are all summery flavors, at least in my daydreams. You can combine them in these simple deviled eggs that may soon become your new go-to dish for a picnic or BBQ.
Don’t show up to the party empty-handed! These Boursin Deviled Eggs are a festive appetizer. They are a wonderful take on deviled eggs.
Jalapeno-Lime Deviled Eggs pack a spicy-yet-refreshing flavor punch thanks to the use of fresh jalapeno, cilantro, lime juice, and lime zest.
These Mississippi Sin Deviled Eggs combine two beloved southern dishes into one delectable starter!
A charming variation on a cherished classic is these Turkish deviled eggs. Additionally, they’re simple to create, vegetarian-friendly, and gorgeously eye-catching!
Use up those extra Easter eggs by making these Bacon Sriracha Deviled Eggs! Deviled eggs with bacon are the greatest!
A simple party meal option for an appetizer is Thanksgiving deviled eggs. Beautiful Fall color, accented with sage and thyme to mark the occasion.
A delicious appetizer that will impress your guests is caper lemon deviled eggs. You’ll love the new spin on this traditional appetizer, making it ideal for holiday gatherings.
The fantastic, healthy alternative to regular deviled eggs is these deviled avocado eggs.
Deviled eggs with creamy horseradish are the ideal way to give the traditional party appetizer loads more flavor. These stuffed hardboiled eggs will be a favorite whenever you entertain because of the zesty combination of ingredients, which gives them a little extra oomph.
Delicious Deviled Eggs with Peperoncini are the perfect bite-sized snack. They’ll be flying off the tray thanks to the flavor and texture!
Not a lover of mayo? In place of mayo, hummus is used to make these deviled eggs, giving them a Greek flair.

Delish.com’s Bloody Mary Deviled Eggs! You should serve this as an appetizer at most of your gatherings.

Caesar Deviled Eggs are deviled eggs with a caesar salad flavor! The ideal way to repurpose Easter eggs for an easy and tasty appetizer!
These Greek Yogurt Deviled Eggs use thick, tangy Greek yogurt for mayonnaise. Just  5 basic ingredients to make – easy peasy.
Deviled Eggs Recipes

58 Deviled Egg Recipes to Wow the Crowd

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